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Unfortunately as a student i won't have the time to attend GDC, but i'm hopefully gonna be there sometime in the near future. As for now i will continue development of my recent game in my free time,  and thanks to i've been able to reach out to other indiedevs and gamers that really have helped me improve as a dev with new ideas and feedback. 

Yeah, I’m currently figuring out the best way to port the game to Linux and Mac. Don’t want the other platforms to have less features

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You got one bullet, fire it wisely as one mistake may cause you death in this fast paced game. Choose from a selection of abilities to survive in difficult situations and master them to become the champion of the Velvet Guard

  •  Diverse abilities to change up your gameplay and challenge your skills
  •  Multiple gamemodes and gamerules
  •  Fast paced combat to challenge your friends
  • Multiple levels

  • 10 more abilties
  • 17 more levels
  • 1 new mode
  • 8 new gameplay options
  • Regular updates

Wow, Thanks alot! Means alot to me

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Hahah i'm impressed of the fun you can have in this game, great work! I love the abilities, adds more complexity. But could you add keyboard controlls for windows? And maybe an indicator that you've got an new ability? And why si the coins that is close to the ground so far up, maybe they can be closer to the ground so you can pick them up?

So this is a game i'm working on, its early development and i need some feedback so its free to download until tomorrow


  • Endless couch play up to 4 players (ATM)
  • 10 Unique abilities to play around with
  • Three different gamemodes with extra options

It seems like you can die from a meteor a few seconds after it has exploded. Also its a little to difficult to distinguish the meteor shadow from the coin shadow so maybe add a different kind of marker for the meteor like a red crosshair or something. But overall a nice concept (y)