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Hahah i'm impressed of the fun you can have in this game, great work! I love the abilities, adds more complexity. But could you add keyboard controlls for windows? And maybe an indicator that you've got an new ability? And why si the coins that is close to the ground so far up, maybe they can be closer to the ground so you can pick them up?

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Thank you! I plan to implement a few more abilities by the end of it. 

You can use Z and X to simulate left and right screen taps respectively! My apologies for never displaying these within the game, I'll have a new windows exclusive build coming up soon. Thanks for playing!


An indicator when you get a new ability - sure! I'll jump on this. Regarding the coins, their placement isn't final and as you noticed, some are in rather inconvenient spots :) Will be fixed, but as of now, coins don't really do anything :p 

Thanks for the feedback!