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A topic by Tijn Arts created Mar 03, 2018 Views: 445 Replies: 5
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After participating in six Ludum Dare jams I wanted to try something else, so I subscribed for the Jam Digest newsletter. When I received the last newsletter telling me that the 7DRL was starting in 14 hours I decided to accept the challenge and decided to join! It is nice to have different rules and a different timeframe to keep things fresh, so lets see what comes out after 7 days.

I wanted my game to have an unconventional theme for a Roguelike, so I pressed the "Show random page" button on wikipedia until something workable came up that wasn't fantasy or sci-fi. After a lot of clicks an article about Mongolian Nomads came up, so I decided to go with that. I've created a moodboard to set the tone for the graphics/story, and now the creating begins!

Good luck everyone!

Really unusual and interesting topic, good luck!

That is indeed a fine way to find yourself a theme. Looking forward to playing your game!

So far so good...

While trying to be unconventional with my theme I didn't make it easier for myself. I want to stay as true as possible to the original Rogue, but wide open landscapes don't really translate well to dark and narrow dungeons.

So I made a HUB-screen. You can travel from city to city, which represent the levels in Rogue. When entering a city you'll get into the "dungeon" with different rooms. You can exit the dungeon with your horse, to return to the HUB.

Enemies are not added yet, and the objects you can interact with have no effect. But it does something! 

looks cool! GL!

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Here it is!

Well, due to an unexpectedly busy weekend I haven't been near my computer until today (Monday). Luckily I managed to create the main menu and a control screen to make it somewhat user friendly.

I tried to balance the game as good as possible but I think it deserved some more time. But oh well, that's the struggle of a game jammer.

Overall I'm pretty happy with it and maybe I will work some more on it to make it a proper (small) Roguelike.

I'm looking forward to play other submissions!

Gamepage: (WIN, MAC & LINUX)