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Changes to Cover Image gifs

A topic by Tartle Games created Mar 02, 2018 Views: 437 Replies: 10
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Some recent change is messing with my new gif graphics for my Cover Images. I am not sure if it is intended or not. Could be a bug so I'm marking this post as a bug.

I have been making gifs for my games and I use Gimp to place a non-animated cover on the gif as the 1st frame. I've been doing this on itch since the change went in that on mouse hover would play the gif, but when not mouse hover it shows the 1st frame of the gif animation.

but starting a couple days ago, I uploaded a gif with a new 1st frame and on my profile page it shows up as an empty square. When I mouse hover I see the animation play through with my first frame.

for reference, if you view my page, take notice of my Cover Image for Bag +5, that's the one I updated and it has an empty square. I tested on multiple devices to make sure it wasn't a browser cache issue.


Sorry, there was an issue with the image processing server that was preventing thumbnails from being generated. It should be good now, tell me if you notice any issues.

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Same here, I'm absolutely certain that my GIF has an image in the first frame, but it show up black.
This is only happening recently (Earlier created GIF's for other games work fine).


Try again

Yes, the GIF works now. Much appreciated!

After updating the animated GIF the first frame (still image) is black again. It gives a 500 error on the GIF.


Sorry, same bug again. It shouldn't be happening now.

oops. Seems to be happening to me again too now.


Sorry, same issue again. I'm doing an upgrade on our image server to stop it from happening hopefully forever.


I'm having a similar issue.  Is there some extra step one must take to get the gif to show a default still image?  Mine is showing up as blank also.

Same here.