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Victorian images

A topic by DireBoarGames created Mar 01, 2018 Views: 219 Replies: 3
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Anybody knows where one can find free images of Victorian men, women and houses? I am trying to google, but those I found so far, do require registration and monthly payment. Since I don't think anyone would pay for my game, I absolutely don't want to spend anything on it.


a good start is to search the first illustrations of sherlock holmes I think.

I found some here.

But there are more than that...

Basically any illustration draw or photography taken during the Victorian Era should be in the public domain by now. But that said I'm a bit insure what applies to contemporary compilations/collections (books, websites, etc.)  of this material.
Perhapes you can contact the history department? They might have an archive and Univerities usually like to share.

Thank you, I'll have a look!