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Mark Taggert (In Development Character) Sticky

A topic by kopskop created Feb 28, 2018 Views: 860 Replies: 5
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Mark's Unique Combat Traits

(To test him out, go to the downloads page, and select the "" file. Please note that only the Angel Sponsor is functional in this build for testing purposes.)

Mark can grapple enemies using his Special (S) Button. When grappling, there is no limit to the amount of enemies Mark can throw at once, leading to him being able to fling massive balls of enemies around the screen.

All his throws also have impact damage to nearby enemies, eg. when his Aerial Spinning Pile Driver (SPD) hits the ground, not only are the grappled enemies damages, but all nearby standing enemies will be hit as well. The effect of the hit will depend on the throw used, and whether or not it was EX'ed.

His Aerial Throws also have a special property. Their damage is scaled based on the height at which the Aerial Throw connected. So the higher in the air you are, the more damage your Aerial Throws do.

Mark's Attacks

Input Key

  • P - Punch Button
  • K - Kick Button
  • S - Special or Throw Button
  • J - Jump Button
  • [ ] - Hold the button in brackets.

Grounded Attacks

  • P, P, P - Punch Chain. Hits 4 times and can be cancelled at any point.
  • ↑+P - Lariat, can be controlled left or right. Hits 3 times.
  • ↑+[P] - EX Lariat, can be controlled. Moves faster than regular Lariat. Hits 5 times.
  • ↓+P - Headbutt, does massive amounts of hitstun.
  • ↓+[P] - EX Headbutt, does even more hitstun than regular Headbutt. Hits 3 times.
  • → →+P - Clothesline, hard knockdowns enemies hit.
  • → →+[P] - EX Clothesline, travels further and ground bounces enemies hit.
  • K - Forward Kick, can be charged for a wall bounce.
  • ↑+K - Rising Knee, launches enemy high into the air for a follow up.
  • ↑+[K] - EX Rising Knee, launches enemy even higher. Hits 3 times.
  • ↓+K - Slide Kick, slides forward hitting grounded opponents (OTG). Hits 2 times.
  • ↓+[K] - EX Slide Kick, slides further forward (OTG). Hits 5 times.
  • → →+K - Shoulder Charge, quick forward moving charge. Hits 3 times.
  • → →+[K] - EX Shoulder Charge, moves further, last hit causes wall bounce.
  • S - Grabs all enemies in front of Mark and holds them for 45 frames. You can cancel into the following during Hold:
    • P (In Hold)Give a quick Headbutt.
    • K (In Hold) - Give a hard hitting Gut Kick.
    • S (In Hold) - Throw enemies away from Mark. Thrown enemies will hit their allies.
    • ↑+S (In Hold) - Spinning Pile Driver (SPD)
    • ↓+S (In Hold) - Suplex Throw
    • J (In Hold) - Launches enemies high into the air, and follows them for follow ups.
  • ↑+S - Back Breaker, anti-air throw that will only connect with airborne opponents.
  • ↑+[S] - EX Back Breaker, first Back Breaker impact launches nearby enemies, grabs them for a second Back Breaker.
  • ↓+S - Suplex.
  • ↓+[S] - EX Suplex, does two Suplexes in a row.
  • → →+S - Running Bear Grab, runs forward grabbing all enemies, and drives them into the ground.
  • → →+[S] - EX Running Bear Grab, runs further and does an Izuna drop with his enemies.
  • ↓ ↓+S - Super SPD, vacuums enemies in with a controllable Lariat, then launching them for a massive SPD.

Aerial Attacks

  • P -Jump Chop, quick jumping attack that can cancel into itself.
  • ↓+P - Chest Drop, on startup does 3 hits, and stay active long afterwards.
  • K - Double Kick, can be charged for a wall bounce.
  • ↓+K - Knee Drop, dives down causing knock downs on all enemies.
  • S - Jump Throw, throws enemies diagonally downward.
  • ↑+S - Jump SPD, grabs enemies in a vertical SPD, hitting all nearby enemies on impact.
  • ↑+[S] - EX Jump SPD, does double the damage, and causes ground bounce on nearby enemies.
  • ↓+S - Tombstone, drives enemies face first into the ground.
  • ↓+[S] - EX Tombstone, after driving enemies into the ground, perform an aerial Suplex for additional damage.


Release the project gifs


No, no, it's release the Giefs ;)


Just found this game and I'm so ready to play the whole thing, working on a video as we speak.


Sweet! Let me know when your video is up, would love to check it out :D