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So this exists..... noted

Thank you for making the time to creating such a psychological fanfare of characters and story, you most certainly lived up to what was put out and more. I wish the best of luck for your team.

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I love me some vns, whether they're jokes or just straight up fan service or just cute little stories, however, it's not often I come across and a enjoy a vn that makes me not only fall in love with the character, but be able to enjoy the story and the tragedies. This lovely mixing of characters and story touches the most emotional feeling of mine, bittersweet. Being shown what is, what was, and what never will be again in ways that allow you to completely grasp and understand everything about the particular background and character is amazingly written. This foundation has all the potential you need to create something absolutely magical, while at the same time questioning your philosophy and challenging your ways of thinking. Never would I have thought to be challenged by children :P

why tho

I don't know how you two made this in 72 hours but you both need an award for this performance of a game. Not only is this (albeit relatively small) indie game harboring it's on atmosphere, it can really dive deep into the real world complexities of divorce and it's affect on more than just the parents without making more than a little splash. The realism is off the charts, and I can personally relate to some parts of this story and seeing it go through like this brings up some old memories. It's amazing how so a little peak into someone else's world can open up your own much wider than you could believe. Stupendous job my guys, 100/10

Now this is a story, captivating as it is realistic. Bitter and sweet and all the emotions in between. This is a story of morals and "what ifs". This is what a book looks like in a Visual Novel format. Superb job.



It's not often you see a visual novel so, good-natured and light hearted, aka, this game was FUCKING GREAT, the character's traits made for such lovable commentary, the art style matched it perfectly, not to mention an interactive scene. This takes the top as one of the BEST visual novels I have ever played!