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Game dead?

Fantastic game


Project dead?

OMG what fantastic art

I loved the game, beautiful graphics and very soft gameplay.

I finished the game a few times and was able to make a more interesting gameplay.

Love this game

The game is not bad, there are various enemies, but the gameplay seems to be unfinished, the animations are strange, the collision boxes seem to be too big, both the player and the enemies.

Even off-screen Snipers shoot the player, as well as spawning enemies endlessly, all of which leaves the game quite unfair.

It seems that it is using very heavy effects of post processing, there is no drop of frames in the game, however my PC heats up a lot, as it is in pixel art and does not have so many light effects "at least I did not see many in the 3 phases of the game" , there is no need to use so many resources.

To your pause screen not for unity timeScale, everything in the game keeps on happening.

Watch this video that teaches in a very practical and simple way how to make a pause screen.

I love your art style, congratulations.

I tried to make a speed run of the game, it was even interesting.

First record



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The game has great potential, but it is very punitive.
At first the first character drops coins with each attack.
The dodge "that should be free" has a time to recharge, this takes away the fluidity of the controls.
Died on the boss the game practically restarted, it should give the option to restart the mission, this ends up discouraging the player.

The look is excellent, the mechanics with small adjustments, will make the game much more fun.

There is a big difference between leaving the game difficult and letting the game boring.

The difficult and fun game is one that gives the player many tools for him to choose the one he wants to use, the boring game, the few options and punishes the player all the time.

When some version is available, I'll want to test it.

Really impressive the game, very enjoyable to play and very challenging, passing the message that in the fight of the human against nature.

My score

Will the game be updated?

When I mentioned turning off the colliders, it's just dynamite, not the player, which is a simpler solution than working with the separate layers.

The time of the box collider of the dynamite off, is only to avoid that it collides with the player in the launch.
Player colliders remain normal. But that could cause the dynamites to grab the walls. So it's a temporary solution.

On the dynamites, I believe that only 1 in the match, is enough, COD MW1 only uses 1 also, depending on the amount of players in the match, each 1 with 3 dynamites, the game gets many explosions, which disrupts a little "pollution sound ".

How many people are creating the game?
What solution are you using for online, is Photon?

I intend to study more multiplayer in the future and I really enjoyed the performance in your game.

(1 edit)

I'm a gaming developer and I use Unity as well. To solve this problem, you can for example instantiate the dynamite with box collider disabled, however activate it only after 0.1f or 0.2f, I believe it should eliminate many problems.

An interesting way to solve this would be to create a layer for the player and another layer for other players, a third layer for the dynamite, then you go in the collision matrix deactivates the collisions of the dynamite with the player itself, leaving the other collisions active. Problem solved.

A hug and I'm looking forward to the new updates. Do you want to launch the game on Steam?

I believe dynamite has a bug, because when we're squatting, it always falls close to the character, so it happens when we're on the roofs of buildings.

Another possible bug is the collision area of the blast, sometimes even standing behind 2 walls, I die instantly, maybe the damage would be better if it was based on approaching the explosion, not just an instant kill even being far away.

The game is great, I played with my son and friends, it's excellent.

Fantastic game, playing with my son.

Is the game very interesting when we can play some version?

great asset, thanks for share

I was able to identify some bugs and did a basic speed run, hehehe

I will play and record to try to replicate the errors and send you, so it is better to correct.

The game is very interesting, however due to some bugs and the character simply being stopped in different parts, made me discouraged from completing.

I would like to see game updates.
A hug and great work.

Nvidia Shadow

Construct 2

Eu rodei o jogo no Windows 10 1803, 16 GB DDR4.

Como te disse, não é o sistema, pois sou desenvolvedor também, utilizo o Construct2, também sei se o problema não ocorrer com vocês, fica complicado resolver.

De qualquer forma, teste o jogo também no Windows 10 para ver se ocorre o problema.

Um abraço

Please update game for running in full screen

Zueirama community · Created a new topic Bug do NwJs


Meu filho estava jogando agora a pouco e depois de fechar o jogo, o processo ainda continuou ativo.

Além de consumir 50% do processamento, isso é algo que devem ter cuidado. Na minha barra de tarefas o processo do jogo não existe. Porém tem muita gente que não utiliza o gerenciador de tarefas. Pelo menos nos testes recentes que fiz, não vejo mais este problema, acontecia muito nas versões 0.12, 0.13, 0.14 e pouco na versão 0.18.

Eu sou desenvolvedor de Construct 2, conheço bem sobre compilação Windows via NWJS, qual versão estão utilizando?

Um abraço

O Golpe Final community · Created a new topic Lindo projeto

Onde posso acompanhar o projeto além deste site?

Excelente arte

Não lembro se foi a fase 5 ou 6, foi a primeira que tinha plataformas flutuantes com espinhos, por diversas vezes eu pulei e como tinha pouco espaço acabava caindo, logo ficou com pulo quase de pixel, o que já conversamos antes.

Vou testar no GJ.

(1 edit)

O jogo está bem interessante, porém em fases que precisam de pulos de pixel, ficou bem chato, ainda mais que não temos o pleno controle do personagem no alto.

Infelizmente perdi a paciência para continuar jogando e terminar o jogo.

Create a "post jam" version with the default controls.

You may have gotten used to the controls and have no problems, however for most it is not comfortable / fun.

A hug

The game seems to be a lot of fun, but the choice of controls, especially the lack of freedom in the movement, buries the game.

A plataforma itch tem um gerenciador de jogos, similar a Steam, que tem ganhado diversos adeptos.

Resumindo, seu jogo .rar não é reconhecido na plataforma, pois esta consegue descompactar .zip apenas. Baixando e rodando funciona normalmente.

Meu gameplay

Meu gameplay do jogo