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Fred Oliveira

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Of course, let me know when you update the game.

I hope you have more challenges

Goty 2020

420 dol, excelente

The world record is mine

On my fifth attempt, I managed to reduce my time by 1 second.

Que coisa linda, eu sempre te sigo no twitter e estou muito feliz em poder acessar o código fonte do projeto.
Muito obrigado.

I am getting better

I'm also a developer, I really liked the string system he made, it was very interesting.

dd me on discord Fred Oliveira # 7105

The game was really fun, congratulations.

Do you want to make the source code available?

Meu gameplay do seu jogo, ficou bem legal.

To place the button, it needs to be on the thank you page only.

The game is getting really good.

It is very beautiful, but it is a bit confusing of what is the stage, it would be nice to have a name appearing when the player is on the stage ball.


I think the character is heavier than it should, improve the acceleration of the fall a little, making it fall a little slower, maybe increasing the height of the jump a little.

The camera has a small problem, as it seems to update abruptly, to solve this problem, put a lerp in the camera movement to make it smoother.

During the gameplay, I was not able to understand well what is the criterion for the character to die, if it is due to being hit 1 time or several times, because I took several blows the first time I played, when I restarted the stage with 1 touch on the enemy I already I died, got a little confused.

End game

I saw only 2 levels, it would be good to finish the demo in some way, leaving the link for the game to receive support, maybe even a new phase with only one screen and clickable links.

The game is very interesting in general, congratulations on the work.

I got irritated and ended up closing the game when I couldn't jump a big space with spikes and the game completely restarted, I really liked the game

Check point please

estou conversando com um outro artista para poder dar continuidade no projeto


Where can I learn more about your work?

Do you have a portfolio?

beautiful art, congratulations

unfortunately the project died, it is almost 1 year old and no updates

Release the project's source file, I realized that it will not continue.

I love this game and would really like to be able to make some additions.

Incredible models, I was looking for an F1 car, yours fit perfectly, I configured it so that the physics of the car is like in F1 cars, it was really nice to play.

My first attempt

The second phase has a very high level of difficulty, making the game little fun.

Annoying too.

I love your art style.

Create a mobile version of the game.

Excellent, I was looking for something similar to study.

meu deus do ceu

Game dead?

Fantastic game


Project dead?

OMG what fantastic art

I loved the game, beautiful graphics and very soft gameplay.

I finished the game a few times and was able to make a more interesting gameplay.

Love this game

The game is not bad, there are various enemies, but the gameplay seems to be unfinished, the animations are strange, the collision boxes seem to be too big, both the player and the enemies.

Even off-screen Snipers shoot the player, as well as spawning enemies endlessly, all of which leaves the game quite unfair.

It seems that it is using very heavy effects of post processing, there is no drop of frames in the game, however my PC heats up a lot, as it is in pixel art and does not have so many light effects "at least I did not see many in the 3 phases of the game" , there is no need to use so many resources.

To your pause screen not for unity timeScale, everything in the game keeps on happening.

Watch this video that teaches in a very practical and simple way how to make a pause screen.

I love your art style, congratulations.

I tried to make a speed run of the game, it was even interesting.

First record



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The game has great potential, but it is very punitive.
At first the first character drops coins with each attack.
The dodge "that should be free" has a time to recharge, this takes away the fluidity of the controls.
Died on the boss the game practically restarted, it should give the option to restart the mission, this ends up discouraging the player.

The look is excellent, the mechanics with small adjustments, will make the game much more fun.

There is a big difference between leaving the game difficult and letting the game boring.

The difficult and fun game is one that gives the player many tools for him to choose the one he wants to use, the boring game, the few options and punishes the player all the time.

When some version is available, I'll want to test it.