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Sweet! Let me know when your video is up, would love to check it out :D

Really glad you enjoyed the demo :D We are still working on Shattered Realms, though only part-time. So progress is slow, but steady.

Thanks so much for trying it out and making a video. Some of the best 2 player gameplay I've seen :D

Hey, so glad you found the controls and combos easy to perform. It is exactly the experience I wanted players to have. The hardest part should be what you want your combos to look like, not how to perform them.

Hi, thank you so much for trying out the demo, really glad you enjoyed the combat system (I'm really proud of it :).

Hi, thank you so much! Really glad you enjoyed our game :D

Thanks so much for taking the time to make a video about our game :D

Sure thing, just send an email to
hello [at] kopskop [dot] com
and we can start chatting :)

Thank you so much for all the kind words, it's really great to hear that you enjoy playing the game as much as we do making it. We will continue to make it as rad as possible :D

You can :D

With Lynx, press ↓+Kick or ↓+Special to OTG grounded enemies. With Mark use ↓+Kick to OTG enemies ;)

Man, that was so much fun to watch, thank you for taking the time to do another video :D

I would like to post it on our Twitter. If you use any other social media platforms, send me the links so I can direct people to your work (If you just use YouTube, that's fine too).

That is such a sick Mark playthrough. Nice to see someone use all of his moves so creatively.

The EX bar not building up is only in this specific dev build (  of the game due to systems being reworked. The Angel Sponsor is the only one with abilities attached to it in this build. Would love to see a playthrough with EX moves :)

Currently working on implementing the new Guardian/Upgrade/Unlock/Save system which will have all those bugs fixed.

No, no, it's release the Giefs ;)

Thank you so much for taking the time to make a video of your playthrough :D Glad you enjoyed it!

Saw the game was running at 50fps. Will need to optimize some code to get it running at 60fps for everyone.

Awesome playthrough, thanks for taking the time to make a video :D

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V - Mark Taggert Build

We are testing out our next playable character, Mark Taggert. He's moveset and art is all still very much placeholder, but at this stage we would love for people to try him out and tell us what they think. You can check out his full move list here: Mark Taggert - Movelist. We are also very interested in any suggestions for moves so please leave them in the comments below or on our Twitter @ShatteredBrawl.

We've made a couple of small balance changes to Lynx as well as to how the Sponsors (Soon to be called Guardians) work. We are also working on optimizing the game, so if you find it not running at a stable 60 fps, please let us know what your PC specs are so we can get to work fixing it.

  • Added Mark Taggert as a playable character.
  • Due to Sponsor changes, only the Angel sponsor now works.
  • New Mechanic - Overkill
    • When an opponent is K.O.ed you can continue to attack them to get them glowing white hot. Moves with high Attack Levels will make the enemy explode, removing them from the battle field. Overkilling an enemy will trigger many of the planned abilities you can upgrade you character with. Currently (using the Angel Sponsor) Overkills will use some of your Red HP to regenerate your HP.
  • Lynx
    • ↓+S now does a Hard Knockdown, instead of a Ground Bounce.
    • ↓+[S] now doesn't gain upwards momentum on hit.
    • ↓+P and ↓+K can now be Dodge Cancelled on hit.
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Mark's Unique Combat Traits

(To test him out, go to the downloads page, and select the "" file. Please note that only the Angel Sponsor is functional in this build for testing purposes.)

Mark can grapple enemies using his Special (S) Button. When grappling, there is no limit to the amount of enemies Mark can throw at once, leading to him being able to fling massive balls of enemies around the screen.

All his throws also have impact damage to nearby enemies, eg. when his Aerial Spinning Pile Driver (SPD) hits the ground, not only are the grappled enemies damages, but all nearby standing enemies will be hit as well. The effect of the hit will depend on the throw used, and whether or not it was EX'ed.

His Aerial Throws also have a special property. Their damage is scaled based on the height at which the Aerial Throw connected. So the higher in the air you are, the more damage your Aerial Throws do.

Mark's Attacks

Input Key

  • P - Punch Button
  • K - Kick Button
  • S - Special or Throw Button
  • J - Jump Button
  • [ ] - Hold the button in brackets.

Grounded Attacks

  • P, P, P - Punch Chain. Hits 4 times and can be cancelled at any point.
  • ↑+P - Lariat, can be controlled left or right. Hits 3 times.
  • ↑+[P] - EX Lariat, can be controlled. Moves faster than regular Lariat. Hits 5 times.
  • ↓+P - Headbutt, does massive amounts of hitstun.
  • ↓+[P] - EX Headbutt, does even more hitstun than regular Headbutt. Hits 3 times.
  • → →+P - Clothesline, hard knockdowns enemies hit.
  • → →+[P] - EX Clothesline, travels further and ground bounces enemies hit.
  • K - Forward Kick, can be charged for a wall bounce.
  • ↑+K - Rising Knee, launches enemy high into the air for a follow up.
  • ↑+[K] - EX Rising Knee, launches enemy even higher. Hits 3 times.
  • ↓+K - Slide Kick, slides forward hitting grounded opponents (OTG). Hits 2 times.
  • ↓+[K] - EX Slide Kick, slides further forward (OTG). Hits 5 times.
  • → →+K - Shoulder Charge, quick forward moving charge. Hits 3 times.
  • → →+[K] - EX Shoulder Charge, moves further, last hit causes wall bounce.
  • S - Grabs all enemies in front of Mark and holds them for 45 frames. You can cancel into the following during Hold:
    • P (In Hold)Give a quick Headbutt.
    • K (In Hold) - Give a hard hitting Gut Kick.
    • S (In Hold) - Throw enemies away from Mark. Thrown enemies will hit their allies.
    • ↑+S (In Hold) - Spinning Pile Driver (SPD)
    • ↓+S (In Hold) - Suplex Throw
    • J (In Hold) - Launches enemies high into the air, and follows them for follow ups.
  • ↑+S - Back Breaker, anti-air throw that will only connect with airborne opponents.
  • ↑+[S] - EX Back Breaker, first Back Breaker impact launches nearby enemies, grabs them for a second Back Breaker.
  • ↓+S - Suplex.
  • ↓+[S] - EX Suplex, does two Suplexes in a row.
  • → →+S - Running Bear Grab, runs forward grabbing all enemies, and drives them into the ground.
  • → →+[S] - EX Running Bear Grab, runs further and does an Izuna drop with his enemies.
  • ↓ ↓+S - Super SPD, vacuums enemies in with a controllable Lariat, then launching them for a massive SPD.

Aerial Attacks

  • P -Jump Chop, quick jumping attack that can cancel into itself.
  • ↓+P - Chest Drop, on startup does 3 hits, and stay active long afterwards.
  • K - Double Kick, can be charged for a wall bounce.
  • ↓+K - Knee Drop, dives down causing knock downs on all enemies.
  • S - Jump Throw, throws enemies diagonally downward.
  • ↑+S - Jump SPD, grabs enemies in a vertical SPD, hitting all nearby enemies on impact.
  • ↑+[S] - EX Jump SPD, does double the damage, and causes ground bounce on nearby enemies.
  • ↓+S - Tombstone, drives enemies face first into the ground.
  • ↓+[S] - EX Tombstone, after driving enemies into the ground, perform an aerial Suplex for additional damage.

Sweet! Glad to have you on board :D

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Hey, just gave the game a couple of plays, and the super moves and throw felt very rewarding. The regular attacks felt a little odd not having hitstun. Every character could just attack regardless of whether they were taking damage or not, which meant there was no reward for dodging and counter attacking, as the enemy could just attack right after I landed my counter attack.

I'm guessing hit and run tactics are the way to go, still it would be nice if the enemies had a visual cue from being hit (other than the damage numbers).

All the best!

Thanks so much for all the support, and all the content you've created. You rock!


We are currently looking into getting a Mac build of the Demo going, but there's still some setting up that needs to be done. We also need to asses how many people actually want Shattered Realms on Mac, otherwise we might be spending to much time on porting rather than improving the game.

That makes us so happy to hear :D Man, it's such a relief that people are enjoying the combo sandbox system.

There will definitely be a soundtrack released with the game when it launches (our musician will make sure of it). Right now though, we only have the ingame versions of the tracks :)

Thank you so much for the feedback, really happy you enjoyed the game. It's always good to hear we're on the right track :)

We are working on adding key remaping to a future update, for both controllers and keyboard.

Thanks for getting in touch, and please bear with us as we improve the game :D

Thanks again for the awesome video. I love pointing people to videos like yours and telling them: "See, you could be having that much fun right now!".

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V 0.1.4 - Optimization Build

There were a few things we didn't get time for leading up to the release of Shattered Realms, one of which was optimizing the game for lower end machines. We've spent the last few weeks fixing this, and hopefully the game now runs at a stable 60 fps for everyone. If you are still having problems with low frame rates, please let us know.

  • Optimized Shattered Glass effect (Now runs completely on GPU). It also looks slightly better :)
  • Added a Frames Per Second (FPS) counter in the top left so players can see if they're dropping frames.

V 0.1.3 - Versus Mechanics Build

At the Shattered Realms Versus Tournament we saw some really high levels of gameplay. This helped us to identify some gaps in the combo system and tighten things up. Here are some of the improvements you'll experience in both Arcade and Versus Mode:

  • Wall and Groundbounce are now untechable until 25 frames after hitting the ground or floor.
  • Helm Splitter & Dive Kick causes Soft Knockdowns (you can quick-rise).
  • EX Helm Splitter causes Hard Knockdown (you can't quick-rise).
  • EX Stomp causes Hard Knockdown on hits 3 & 4.
  • Hitstun on last hit of Rapid Fire increased to 35. (To more easily extend grounded combos)
  • Dodge can now be held down when hit while standing to Dodge as soon as hitstun runs out.
  • Style gain when you Perfect Dodge and EX Perfect Dodge.

V 0.1.2 - Versus Build

  • Added Versus HUD.
  • Added Timer, Rounds and Match Wins counter.
  • Win Conditions are by K.O. or Style Judgement (Time Out).
  • Versus movement is now constrained so players are always in the same plane.
  • Versus Sponsor added for Versus Mode only.


  • Wall- and Groundbounce Secondary Hitboxes no longer prevent Primary Hitbox from hitting.

Style Judgement (Time Out)

During Versus combat, all damage done is multiplied by a factor based on your Style Rank when the attack lands. This value is then compared when deciding a winner on Time Out. So it is possible to still win on Time Out with less health than your opponent, if you were being more Stylish than they were.

Wow, nicely done!

I've only seen someone no damage the boss once before! Very impressive :D

Ps, what version of the game are you on? V0.1.0 or V0.1.1?

Checking it out, thanks for posting the crash report and a detailed description of when it happened :D

So glad you enjoyed it :D

You're right, they should probably reset after each fight. Though in Street Fighter you carry over you EX Gauge to the next round.

But round counters and some proper VS settings is definitely something I want to add in a future update.

Thanks for the details, appreciate it ;)

Haha, awesome! Seems the little guy is giving you a run for your money :D

Glad the game allows him to stay toe to toe with you.

Will release a new character as soon as we are able, believe me we're itching to make new characters.

Uploaded a new build that fixes the error you reported. Thanks for helping out with testing and reporting ;)

Version 0.1.1 is up, and fixes this bug. Thanks for reporting the bug :D

Thanks for posting the crash report, really helps when ironing out bugs. Have replicated, identified and fixed the bug.

Busy creating a new build that we will upload shortly.

Wicked, thanks for taking the time to record a playthrough. Looked really stylish :D

Could you please give us your PC specs so we know what to optimize for.
CPU, Graphics card, Ram?

Awesome, thanks for taking the time to do a playthrough :D

Love seeing the different tactics people come up with to defeat the Juggernaut.

Looking into this right now. Will let you guys know if this is something we can fix.

Thank you for taking the time to report this bug.

Thanks for taking the time to make a playthrough of our game :D

We really appreciate all the effort the community is putting behind this project.

Thanks so much for trying out the game, and making the video :)

Yeah, the game isn't very optimized at the moment, it's something I want to fix in an update. In the meantime, could you please give me your PC's specs so I know what to optimize towards. CPU, graphics card, amount of RAM, operating system.

Would love for you to try it again once it's optimized so you can get the full 60fps experience :D