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Hi, thank you so much for getting in contact.
Checked out your channel, and it looks really rad!
Will let you know as soon as we have a build that will be worth you time :D

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Itch Build


  • Rank no longer depletes with time and is treated like a resource.
  • Rank can now be spent to enhance certain moves by holding down the attack button during execution. The strength of the EX Move is determined by the Rank spent (B, A, S, X) to activate it.
  • Changed Grounded link routes to avoid silly infinites like P, K, P, K, P, K ...
  • Bullet Elf longest Ground Combo - P, P, P, K, K, K, ↓+K, →→+P (after this, the only moves that will link starts an Air Combo).
  • Summoner longest Ground Combo - P, P, ↑+P, →+K, K, K, ↑+K (after this, the only moves that will link starts an Air Combo).
  • Summoner Ground P, P and K, K changed to keep the opponent in place.
  • Summoner new move →+K - Pushes opponents away to Kick range (What P,P,P combo used to do).
  • Both character now have a new Chain Combo, which is a series of automatic attacks that are done by repeatedly pressing P.
  • Pressing "Esc" on the title screen now exits the game.
  • Stage enemy hitpoints reduced.
  • Added player silhouettes when behind objects and enemies.
  • Added new music for Title Screen, Stages and Boss.
  • Added Continue Screen.
  • New Super special effects.
  • Added Super Flash when finishing a Section with a Super Move.
  • All the Bullet Elf and Summoner's moves have been tweaked, check out their frame data [here] and [here] respectively.


  • Enemies now show when they have armour.
  • Summoner Air ↓+P, ↑↑+P and Air ↓+K, ↑↑+K loops fixed so they cancel easier.
  • Pushboxes now behave correctly (Press "9" on keyboard to view hitboxes).


Amaze Build


EGE Build

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Difficulty: Easy

The Bullet Elf is a close range rush down character. She needs to be in the thick of the action which is where she is most effective. Quick OTG's like ↓+K and her air EX ↓+[P] help keep her combos going in the air and on the ground.

Chain Combo

The first 8 Hits is spent on the ground, after which the enemy is launched into the air where the rest of the combo continues ending in a knockdown.

Basic Combo Stratagy

She can perform lengthy ground combos, however this can leave her open to attack if she remains stationary for to long. Use her Dash Slash (→→+P) to move out of harms way while attack to keep your combo going. Her mobility options also help her stay in the thick of the action, use her long range jump (→→+J) and dash (→→) to cover distance quickly.

Great EX Air Moves are ↑+[P] which does a lot of hits, and ↓+[P] which causes a ground bounce that enables her to restart her air combo.

Key: [] = Holding a button

Bullet Elf Frame Data

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Difficulty: Advanced

The Summoner is close / long range character, with no real mid range options. He is able to bounce enemies between these two ranges effortlessly however, and comboing an enemy at range can make it very hard for them to retaliate. As a general rule, all Punch Moves will be close range, Kick Moves will be far and Special is a mix of the two.

Chain Combo

The Summoner's Chain Combo starts by creating some distance between him and his opponent, then after pulling them in with an air combo, does a knockdown in front of the Summoner.

Basic Combo Strategy

Longer combos depend on swapping opponents between close and long range. Your main tools for this while on the ground are ↓↓+P, ↓↓+K (which are OTGs) and S, while swapping in the air is done with ↓↓+P, ↓↓+K, S and ↓+S. A move that complements these very well is the close (↑+S) and far (↑↑+S) Vortex, which creates a stationary projectile that lingers for a few seconds after it's cast. Great for catching enemies flying through the air.

Useful EX Moves are ↓+[P] and ↓+[K] while in the air. These cause a ground bounce which give you time to land and continue the combo.

Key: [ ] = Holding a button

Summoner Frame Data

Created a new topic Game Mechanics

Game Mechanics

  • Hit Points
    Total amount of health a character has. Players can heal themselves by picking up Health Packs. Once a character's Hp reaches 0, they are knocked out. Once a section is cleared, any knocked out players will automatically be revived with 33% Hp.
  • Red Hit Points
    Every time a character is hit a portion of the damage is converted into Red Hp. If the character doesn't take damage for 1 second they will start healing back this health. Normal hits convert 50% of damage into Red Hp, and getting hit with Super Armour will convert 100% of the damage into Read Hp.
    Once a section is cleared, all players will automatically heal back all their Red Hp.
  • Super Armour
    If you are hit while you have Super Armour you will not receive any hitstun, but you will still receive all the damage from the attack. Also all damage received in this way will be converted into Red Hp.
  • Chain Combos
    Performed by continuously pressing the Punch button. This is an automatic 15-20 hit combo that requires no further input other than just mashing the Punch button. The combo executed is unique to each character.
  • Rank Gauge
    As your attacks land on enemies you gain Rank. The amount of Rank you gain depends on how varied your attacks are. Using the same move over and over will give you less and less Rank. Vary your moves to maximize you Rank gain.
  • EX Moves
    Some moves can be enhanced by holding down the attack button when executing the move. You spend rank to activate them and will need to be in Rank B or higher in order to perform an EX Move. Your character will flicker when performed correctly. EX Moves may have additional hits, enhanced hit properties and more damage and hitstun. Landing an EX Move also builds up your Super Gauge.
  • Super Gauge
    Landing EX Moves and picking up Gems will build your Super Gauge. Once you have one full Super Gauge, you can perform a Super Move!
  • Super Moves
    Super Moves are performed by consuming one stock of your Super Gauge. These moves do a staggering amount of damage, have invincible startup frames and build a lot of RANK.
  • Burst
    Performed by pressing any two buttons while in hitstun. Bursting requires one stock from your Super Gauge to perform. When you are under attack by an enemy, and it looks like they will do a lot of damage, you can break free by performing a Burst. You are completely invincible during the startup frames, and will perform an attack that will blow enemies away from you. You are however vulnerable during the recovery frames or your Burst.
  • Air Recovery
    Performed by holding down any Attack button while in the air during the hit state. Once the character recovers from hitstun, they will perform an Air Recovery. You can perform a neutral or directional Air Recovery by holding a direction.
  • Dodge
    Performed by pressing Down + Jump while neutral on the ground or air, or after hit confirm of any move. First half of animation is invincible, but cannot cancel into any move until after the animation completes.
  • Dash & Air Dash
    Performed by pressing Left, Left or Right, Right while on ground or in air. Has 10 invincibility frames on startup. Can be performed from neutral or cancelled into after hit confirm. Performing an Air Dash consumes one Air Action.
  • Double Jump
    Performed by pressing the Jump button in the air. Consumes on Air Action.

Combo Mechanics

  • Combos
    Once any attack lands on an enemy with Hp greater than 0, you have 2 seconds to land your next attack in order for it to register as a combo hit. Missing this window resets your combo counter.
  • Hitstun Deterioration
    Starts as soon as a character enters hitstun, and resets after a hard knockdown or performing an Air Recovery. Based on the time that has been spent in the hit state. The first 4 seconds no Hitstun Deterioration is applied, and then for the next 6 seconds drops linearly to a minimum of 10% of normal hitstun.
    Super Moves and some EX Moves ignore Hitstun Deterioration.
  • Bonus Rank
    Bonus Rank is awarded for:
    Big Combos - Combos above 20 hits are awarded extra Rank (Max 150% for 170 hits).
    Air Combos - When comboing in the air you'll receive 20% extra Rank.
    Team Combos - While comboing an enemy with an ally, you'll receive 20% extra Rank.


  • Phoenix Heal
    Once a player has been downed, an ally can stand close to him to revive him with 33% Hp. Takes 2 seconds to activate.


  • Gems
    Picking up Gems charges your Super Gauge.
  • Health Pack
    Heals you for 33% Hp.
Created a new topic Bug Reports

Bumped into something nasty? Here's the place to let us know.

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  • Error message on launch:

"...d3dcompiler_43.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error."

Solution: Install the the latest DirectX End-User Runtimes.

  • Plugging in or unplugging a USB device on Windows 10 while the game is running, crashes the game. We are currently working on a fix for this, so in the meantime, please have all your controllers plugged in before you startup the game.

  • Controllers, Gamepads & Sticks that don't work yet:

PS3 & PS4 Controllers