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[SOLVED] Payout delay, no response from support?

A topic by Deftware Industries created Feb 22, 2018 Views: 298 Replies: 7
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I don't mind the wait if this is typical, but on the FAQ it says 2-3 days and I haven't received a response from over the past day either.


6 days isn't unusual nowadays. Payouts have been taking longer as has grown. But it's all right to ask again if the wait grows much longer.

Oh okay, that was pretty much as I expected. Thanks!


Payouts are human reviewed, especially for first time sellers. If you think there's an issue with a payout you can contact support. Sorry we can't give a more specific timeline when it will go through because volume changes over time.


Thanks for the heads up. If the FAQ otherwise indicated a payout ETA of about week I wouldn't have given it a second thought. Believe you me I can appreciate how easily documentation grows stale and how difficult it becomes to maintain documentation when working to fix bugs and implement new features. No biggie :)

Patience, engage!


I updated the FAQ to remove that line. Thanks

me too.., 24 days in pending status , 

no response from support

Whoa nellie! It has never taken more than 2 weeks for me, usually somewhere between one and two weeks.