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I forgot a word! Help!

A topic by Kasper Hviid created Feb 17, 2018 Views: 116 Replies: 4
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I'm finetuning my entry for Strawberry Jam 2 but need to use a very a specific word, and just can't remember it. See, high-concept restaurants typically serves some really wacky dishes ... raw liver with chocolate or things like that. What's the word for that kind of food?

I could publish the game without that word, but if someone could find it, it would be a great help.


Errr... cuisinart, maybe?

Nope, not that! I think it was something like 'concept food' (but not that either)



I just found the (not very good) comic strip where I thought I saw the word. And actually you're right, it says "avantgarde-restaurant"! So strange, could have sworn it had been another word, had it on the tip of the tongue. Thanks! Finally I can stop thinking about it.