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Mobility! Accessible Precision Platformer

A topic by Auroriax (Tom H.) created Feb 17, 2018 Views: 400 Replies: 4
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Hey! You might've seen this game from time to time on the devlog subforum, but after two years of development, it's finally released!

I love precision platformers, but they've always been really difficult. Mobility is my attempt to make the genre more accessible, with different difficulty settings, accessibility options, and a browser version. (Die-hard fans, though, can also ignore all that and just play everything on the highest difficulty. Your choice!)

You can play or download it on


Congratulations on the release, I've had my eye on your page for a while. I put you up in the featured games section on the homepage.

Thank you so much for the feature, and for as well!

Like the classic art style!!!!