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Help Offered: New YouTuber Looking to Promote your game!

A topic by Joyfuldeath created Feb 13, 2018 Views: 280 Replies: 6
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Hello! My name is JoyfulDeath and I'm a new YouTuber looking for new and indie games to feature on my YouTube channel.  I typically play horror, thriller, and/or story rich games.  I am also interested in trying some voice acting if you are interested in someone who is willing to provide services for free in order to gain experience.   Please take a look at my channel to see if you would be interested in my abilities to showcase your game!

You can also catch me on Twitter @ JoyfulDeath 

I can be reached by email at:

Thank you for your time,


Would love if you'd play this game. It's not a horror or thriller, but it is a story-based game (hybrid adventure game and platformer)



Fantastic!!  I will get right on that!!  Thanks for contacting me!!

Hi there!

We recently release a story based space mystery.  Its not exactly horror, but it's very atmospheric.  And it's pretty short.  You can play in a brower or download from here:

And if you are interested in a change of tone, we also have this cartoon humorous Point & Click adventure: The adventures of Nick & Willikins!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE let's players!

Retro Dev is an adventure-platformer game, it's pretty hard at late levels and there is a charismatic "Narrator Guy", there is a little horror... Really little, also it's not fully released it is a demo.

Created for blackthornprod Game Jam. Theme for the jam is "Game  Dev Creation World", basically everything that is connected to game dev, so i made levels represent struggles and other parts of Game Dev

I would be glad if you try it!

You can check out my game Kidnapped if you like :)

It's a thriller/survival game.

Hi Joyfuldeath,

Please try the free demo for my game. Horace is a story-driven, pixel platform adventure about a small robot on a big adventure. Think cinematic cutscenes but with little pixel guys,all tied together with traversal challenges that will test your brain as much as your abilities! The demo will showcase approx. 2 hours of game play as it branches out into the more metroidvania style later in the demo!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my game.