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A complete remake/remaster/rehash of the award winning Flash game from 2004: A Case of the Crabs! Play as smart-ass detective, Nick Bounty, in this hilarious point & click adventure and hunt down a nefarious counterfeit crab ringleader!

Glad you found the game and still have fond memories!

If you haven't tried Nick Bounty's latest case (Released just last month!!) make sure to check it out!

Awesome to hear! Glad you enjoyed it!  Keep going! Play ALL of the Nick Bounty games!!

It's up to you! You'll get to pick who you want to hang out with!

Nope. The story of the new game will stand on its own, but you may miss out on some of the jokes if you havent played the early games.

Great! Email me at  and we'll talk details!

Unfortunately, the Mac version of this game only is no longer supported by current flash players and  I have no way of updating it.  Sorry.

When this game releases at the end of 2019 there will be PC and Mac versions available!

Stay tuned!

Unfortunately, the Mac version of this game only is no longer supported by current flash players and  I have no way of updating it.  Sorry.

Hey everyone!

Pinhead Games is looking for someone to help develop and create the User Interface for our upcoming comedic Noir detective game.  This includes creating the look for the Menus, icons, buttons, pop-up windows, etc as well as In-Game computer screens (Crime lab computer) used by the player.

For more info on the game itself, look at out Kickstarter page HERE:

Sometimes a man's gotta ditch his coat and roll up his sleeves to get the job done!  Besides, this time around I think we can afford more than one outfit for Nick!

Thanks so much for you kind words!  My years in game development has been a long strange journey!  Some of it good, some of it really frustrating, but I still love  it and hope to be making games for years to come!  I hope you enjoy Nick Bounty 3 when it comes out!

Of course when it's finished, the game will be available for anyone to buy!  

If you haven't seen the announcement yet, Yes, we are working on a brand new Nick Bounty game!

See for more info!

Thanks so much!  We're working on a new game now,  but it might be a while before it releases.  In the meantime,  you can check out our past games:

You are the best!  Thanks!

Thanks for the nice words and info!  Glad you enjoyed the game.  Any chance I can convince you to take a pic of that article and share it?

You can find a full walkthrough here:

we are currently looking into the possibility of releasing another Nick Bounty game in the future.  :)

You guys rock!  Thanks so much!

Maybe at some point. but the game is too big for web at the moment.  It's gonna take a lot of work to optimize it for browser play.

Hi there!

We recently release a story based space mystery.  Its not exactly horror, but it's very atmospheric.  And it's pretty short.  You can play in a brower or download from here:

And if you are interested in a change of tone, we also have this cartoon humorous Point & Click adventure: The adventures of Nick & Willikins!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE let's players!

Well of course!  Glad to hear you're having fun with it!

Fantastic!  Thanks so much for playing!  Hope you enjoy the other games even though they are quite a bit older!  I sorta got away from indi game development for long time.  :D

what's that thing poking out from Nick's bed? Maybe ask Nick out it?

I can't tell you how happy this makes us!  We love adventure games! We love playing them, we love making them, and we love sharing our love of adventure games with the rest of the world!  Thank you so much for playing and for the wonderful feedback!

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The wait is over!  The Adventures of Nick & Willikins is finally here!
It's been a blast (and a LOT of hard work) making this funny Point & Click adventure game and  we really hope that you enjoy playing it.  Please let us know what you think so that we can continue making FREE games for you!  Bonus points if you make a Let's Play!

The Adventures of Nick & Willikins is a humorous look at the very British relationship of Master and Manservant as told through the lens of clueless non-British writers. Also, there's a dead body involved. Did the Butler do it? It's up to you to find out! Oh, and you're the butler, I should probably mention that.


  • An entirely original adventure written by Matt Rowbotham and Ron "AAlgar" Watt.
  • Features voice performances from Sarcastic Voyage's entire stable of voice actors.
  • Vividly brought to life by artists Meg Casey (Munchkin, Welcome to Showside) and Fred Stresing (Invader Zim [comic]Rocko's Modern Life [comic]).
  • Classic Point & Click interface.


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No sequel plans at the moment, but we do have more games in the future!  Look for the Adventures of Nick & Willikins early in the new year!

Wow, thank You!  You are the best for saying so!!

So very very close now!  Check out the latest trailer for our comedy Point & Click game!

Hey guys!  We've been working on a cartoon Point & Click adventure and I'm working on the player control schemes now.  I'd love to get your opinions.  When playing a Point & Click, you you prefer a Pure Mouse & Keyboard experience (Like Monkey Island)or you you like using a gamepad and having direct control of your character (like The Walking Dead)? 

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update to let you guys know that we have officially entered the Beta testing phase!!  This is so exciting because it means that after MONTHS of hard work, this game is getting really close to the finish line!  We had originally hoped to get this game out before the end of the year, but it looks like we need a little extra time to finish this thing up strong!

Considering that we started this project saying "Let's just make a small, fun game" and it's turned out to be the BIGGEST game we've ever done... I'd say that a small delay is actually something of  a miracle!

In the meantime, enjoy these brand new screenshots!

Our point & click Sci-Fi mystery game is now playable right in your browser!  No downloads. No installs. Just click the link below and start playing!

Give it a shot and let us know what you think!

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Hey everyone! I'm new to, but already I've found so many cool games and developers here.

I just want to quickly announce our latest free point & click game: Forever Space!  I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts, read your reviews, see your let's plays, etc!



Greg Winston and four other crew mates begin a volunteer work program on Space Station Capricorn. Before long, it becomes apparent that something is... off. The station's Overseers become hard to find. The crew mates grow suspicious of one another. Memories are getting lost. Is it just paranoia cause by the isolation, or is there something else going on?


  • Interactive sci-fi short story.
  • Classic Point & Click interface.
  • Fully vocalized by talented actors.
  • Powered by the Unity engine.