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Super Starlock (colorful action-adventure platformer)

A topic by tetherline created Feb 10, 2018 Views: 347 Replies: 7
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Super Starlock

Latest Update: New Concept Art & New Enemy Type [Click Here]

What is this game?

Super Starlock is an action-adventure platformer about navigating through hostile environments laced with dangerous baddies and deadly hazards. Equipped with a secret power that allows you to manipulate enemies and launch them through space at high velocities, pummel your foes, create havoc, and surmount perilous obstacles in order to save the day!

The Slingshot Mechanic

*Collide Enemies With One Another

Imagine being able to suspend your foes in mid-air and hurl them through space in whichever direction you want? Would you make your enemies violently collide with one another? Or would you simply throw them off-stage for your amusement?

The slingshot mechanic is a really fun part of the game. It allows you to freeze enemies and launch them in any given trajectory. Not only can you launch enemies towards each other, you can also hurl them towards yourself and finish them off with style!

*Collide Enemies With Your Fist! 

NOTE: The Art in this Version is Not Final

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I Like The Gameplay and the looks, Good Job keep the work up.

Awesome dude! I'm glad you like it

You're Welcome

Changelog 02/10/2018: Wall Jump, Slingshot, & Punching Added

List of changes:
You can now bounce off walls similar to Mario 3DS.
  • There is drag resistance when you're up against a wall.
  • You can now punch your enemies to death (which is always super fun).
  • A new Slingshot mechanic allows you to freeze your enemies and throw them in any direction.
  • Freezing" your enemies is instantaneous rather than waiting for a projectile to hit them.

I am completely in love with the new punching mechanics. They speed up or slow down if you're hitbox is colliding with the enemy. Also, I wanted to make sure that the wall jump felt right. I had to change the character's friction depending on whether or not he was in air, which makes for a sort of floaty/buttery feel when he's suspended. However, it feels like he has much more traction when his feet are on the floor. Overall, it feels really good.


The main character's animation is really smooth, nice work.

I'm glad you think so! Thank you

Update 02/17/2018 - Enemy Concept Art & Information, New "Sticky" Enemy

I'm playing around with the idea that there should be a "base" (or grunt-like) enemy type. I'm pretty happy with this design. Anyway, I want there to be different kinds of "knights" or "soldiers" that possess different kinds of abilities depending on their color: some shoot arrows at you, others throw bombs, etc... 

Design Updates

List of Updates

  • Stick enemies that cling to walls
  • Slingshot Meter implented (it must recharge after use)
  • One-way platforms gliches fixed (enemy would sometimes fall through them)

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