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Sale links shouldn't 404 when coupon sale ends

A topic by rava created Feb 04, 2018 Views: 225 Replies: 5
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TL;DR: Currently sale links 404 immediately(?) after a coupon sale ends, which may be confusing for the user. They should continue to go to ended sale page, or redirect to game page.

Steps to repro:

0) Make a sale, pick a fancy coupon name.

1) Spam coupon link all over social media and stuff.

2) Sale ends.

3) Both coupon link (<dev><couponname>) and the sale link (<id>) now 404. Note that the sale link still works for the developer, but the coupon link doesn't.

4) Everyone is confused, chaos and destruction ensues.

So it seems weird to me not to let people follow ended sale links:

* People would know there indeed was a sale, instead of having followed an invalid link, copied it wrong, or whatever else weird.

* Sale descriptions may contain useful stuff, even if the sale has ended (e.g. I included some fancy statistics in the description of a recent sale.)

* The developer can still see it, so it's stored anyway.


Just a note, this is related to coupon sales only. I agree this is confusing! 

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Thanks, I wasn't sure if it was because of the coupon or not.

I've edited the thread title to reflect that for clarity and SEO.

Should I create Github issue or is the post enough?


No github issue necessary, I should have some time to work on this soon.


Alright I pushed out a fix for this. I wasn't able to reproduce one of the issues you had:

and the sale link (<id>) now 404

The direct link (with coupon code) to the sale should always work even if the sale is over, or there are no coupons left to redeem.


I didn't have the coupon code in the /s/ link when I reported the issue. It's working fine with the code.