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If my game is a 'draft' or 'restricted' can people see my devlog?

A topic by Sandwich_Generation created Jan 31, 2018 Views: 438 Replies: 2
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Im brand new to itch. I am having a go at a devlog for my game here.

Currently my game is a draft. Does that mean people cant read my devlogs? Other people dont seem to be able to open the link to it.

Which leads me to another question. Should I make my game public? It has *just* been started, If I make it public now it could get really bad reviews as its just at the 1st working prototype stage. Also ive read on other forum posts that like on other stores the 1st days of going live are important to make a good impression.

Ive asked about that in another forum post but got 0 replies :(


People will not be able to see your devlogs if you have it in draft or restricted mode. Your project page and all subpage aren't listed anywhere on the site. 

Regarding your question about reviews, reviews don't really make up a big part of ranking on right now. I wouldn't worry about it. I think as long as you make it clear that the game is a work in progress you'll get appropriate feedback from anyone that discovers your page.

At the moment, on, the 1st week you make your game public it has a higher chance of rising in popularity on the game listing. I understand this doesn't make sense for projects that receive significant upgrades, liking going from beta or alpha to complete. We're looking into changing how this works for when games want to go through a second launch.

Hope that helps


Has there been an update on this?  I would like to make a pre-launch devlog for a game I'm making, whose development I'm taking more seriously.  I don't want to publicly "launch" a project if there's no chance if it being seen from searching later on.

I figure a solution to this is to make two projects, one for the "pre launch" and one for the "actual game", but it seems like a workaround.

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