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Myself appreciation that game it is that lot for fun

Hey when the game is released will it be available here? or on GOG? or somewhere other than Steam? I hope so! It looks great!!

Hey ure zip file is corrupt!!

Cheers! great to hear!

ye good idea!

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yes, controller support is improved in this version actually... I have xbox 360 controllers myself, so I can confirm they work fine, and other people have also used other controllers successfully. eg xbox one, playtstaion dualshock 4 + cheapo usb NES knockoff controller

@gamerafa73  So I got the artist to do a quick test on his Mac, and it seems my backend service 'Gamesparks' cannot connect from it.. If you want you could help me troubleshoot this, head over to the Discord

Soooo yes.. I am planning a Mac build. But I was gonna wait until the game is finished until I release it, so I dont have to support another build. I might just put up a mac build now cus u asked, if it got u playing and into our community... But I would not be able to test it, cus I have no mac to test on.. So there may be issues.. I have made Mac builds before for people, and they have been just fine though.

So, if u want I will make Mac build available on ... But it will be unsupported until I'm actually ready to support it so if it has weird issues u will just have to wait. What do u think?

Np :) Definitely check out our Discord... You'll be able to chat to me + see the daily progress on development.

Also its a nice little community and we have tournaments.

Thanks Zekan!

The full version will not be free.

Its currently available here (in early access) and when its complete we'll release on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux.

If you have the full version can still play people with the free version though (but only 1v1 on the default map)

The current early access price [$6] will also increase as the game get more features added, and approaches completion.

We'd really like to release on Nintendo Switch, but we dont have anything planned for that yet. Probably we'll see how the Steam release goes 1st.

This is awesome! Reminds me of seeing DOOM running on my home pc for the 1st time. I wonder will fractals find more common use in games in the future.

It does mute all the music and the 1,2,3 countdown is actually a piece of music.

At some point I could separate the 1,2,3 musical stings from the backing track and classify them as sfx, not music.

Tx for pointing that out! I never actually thought about that.

So Unity webGL sometimes run *incredibly* bad in Chrome..

If your in Chrome, try Firefox... Just try a different browser, it will probably fix your issues  :)

could be gamepad, or steering wheel

Ive seen this twice before. In both cases they had a controller of some sort plugged in, that was giving the command


So u actually have to press enter... But I just did an update where u can click it with a mouse too!

great! :)

So that sounds like you have a controller, or maybe a steering wheel plugged in. LazerGrrl has controller support, so it will pick up inputs from controllers

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Im brand new to itch. I am having a go at a devlog for my game here.

Currently my game is a draft. Does that mean people cant read my devlogs? Other people dont seem to be able to open the link to it.

Which leads me to another question. Should I make my game public? It has *just* been started, If I make it public now it could get really bad reviews as its just at the 1st working prototype stage. Also ive read on other forum posts that like on other stores the 1st days of going live are important to make a good impression.

Ive asked about that in another forum post but got 0 replies :(

Hi, I'm new to !

I have game that I've just started. Its at the very very 1st playable prototype stage. Is is a good idea to make it playable on in its current state?  My idea is to use feedback and metrics to guide its development. I'm just worried that it could be like steam, where the early builds could get poor reviews which could kill it even after its updated.

Also I noticed there are devlogs here. Should   I start one of those? Whats the benefit of that. Thanks!

More details.........

I've never made a multiplayer game before. I had an idea for one, built up a working demo (with just local multiplayer) in a couple days and brought it to the local game-dev group meetup. It went down well, in fact an artist (with an impressive portfolio) was interested to work on it. We are both just making this for fun. My plan right now is..

*Add multiplayer + some kind of lobby system

*Add metrics

*Throw it up as a html 5 game on without making any other changes (remember the current state of the game is just the very first interation, just about 2 1/2 days work) I picked itch cus Ive never used it before and it seems cool.

*Work on it and use feedback + metrics from itch to help guide the development process.

ps. I could even go so far as to put up the *current* build! Which only has local multiplayer. You'd need to play it on the same machine with keyboard or gamepads