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Can you tell me if mechanic is good?

A topic by Stoarch created Jan 23, 2018 Views: 236 Replies: 6
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I developing game test release is here

Genre: tower defense + puzzle (composition of towers to large tier and bigger one) (+ visual novel story in future)

Please, give tell me - is this mechanic fun enough (droping towers, composing them to more powerful, calling to support) and which ideas you find more appealing and interesting?

Thank you in advance.

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Moving to general development since the questions board is for questions about

Thank you. Will post here in future.

Hey Stoarch,

I just randomly came across your post and figured I'd drop in for some feedback.  Keep in mind I only played for about 5 minutes as well as watched your youtube video.

The mechanic, to me, doesn't feel like it gives the user much choice of strategy.  I felt like I was simply spawning turrets as much as possible until I died, and I didn't feel like I have much control in the situation.  I want to feel like I can make different moves to change the outcome, and I felt like I wasn't able to do so (or at least I wasn't able to catch on to what the intended way to win was in the short time I played).

Hopefully that helps in some way.  You've clearly put a lot of effort into it, I like the timing of the music and the battle sequences - it just needs an extra something for the player to feel engaged in the strategy.

Thank you very much. I do not see it that way and now will reconsider options for player to choose from.

I tried to play it but didn't get very far. I have a rather small resolution on the laptop I had access to to try this out, so I had to play it on 800x600  fullscreen (since 1024x768 was too tall).

Anyways, the X coordinate on your button scaling is way off. It's not so bad on the left side of the screen (fullscreen) but the buttons on the right, I had to move my mouse about 100 pixels to the left of the button itself for it to be registered.

Thank you, this is new bug.

I will look at it.