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A  pixel-art pack of guns, explosions, and even an animated soldier!  The basic starter kit is free and comes with everything you need to make a basic thingy-ma-bob!

Have a download, and let me know if you like it!

Thanks all for the constructive feedback!

After attempting and failing a high speed, space race with a Knight on foot, I was excited to go back and give it a go with my Hyperdrifter 500x.  I was not disappointed as I plowed my Hyperdrifter 500x right into the side of a castle wall. 5/5.

I agree, print screen is the king, lol. 

I believe I've tried shadowplay and now that I think of it, MSI afterburner. MSI ran really smooth vs. Fraps and it was free. I'll give those another look, thanks.

If you've made youtube videos of your games, what software have you used/do you like best/do you avoid at all costs?  I'm interested specifically for video capture.  Free or paid versions.

I use "ScreenToGif" (free) for GIFs to post to twitter, which I like using for that purpose.  I have sony vegas for editing, which works decently for my editing needs. I think I paid $99 for that probably about 10 years ago now.  Just need a good means of capturing footage.  My last experience with any video capture was probably a version of Fraps, many years ago..

Hey Stoarch,

I just randomly came across your post and figured I'd drop in for some feedback.  Keep in mind I only played for about 5 minutes as well as watched your youtube video.

The mechanic, to me, doesn't feel like it gives the user much choice of strategy.  I felt like I was simply spawning turrets as much as possible until I died, and I didn't feel like I have much control in the situation.  I want to feel like I can make different moves to change the outcome, and I felt like I wasn't able to do so (or at least I wasn't able to catch on to what the intended way to win was in the short time I played).

Hopefully that helps in some way.  You've clearly put a lot of effort into it, I like the timing of the music and the battle sequences - it just needs an extra something for the player to feel engaged in the strategy.

I usually make a list of final things to complete, and knock them out one by one. A more robotic approach to plow thru it.  The early part of the project is driven by more "fun" and creativity, so I can't always expect the same at the end. In short, I change my mindset to accommodate a change in motivation. Keep at it!