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Another paid game - Theodore - no longer shows up on my page

A topic by zambonibutt created Jan 23, 2018 Views: 192 Replies: 8
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First The Lost Wizard, now Theodore - paid for both of these through a bundle.  Devs are pulling a fast one. Is it time for to be like Steam and prevent devs from pulling them off the site or using the loophole to put them out of reach of the public (including those who paid for the game?)


We have measures in place now to help prevent that kind of thing. Developers can still circumvent them, but it's more work. Speaking of which, who made those games? Are they still on Itch?

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Huh... same dev/publisher...listed as Firestorm Entertainment and  on The Theodore Adventures the dev is norum82, pub is Firestorm.  I got Itch keys after paying for a couple of Groupees bundles,  with the promise of Steam keys.  Got neither from this goof. I should say, I got Itch keys that used to work, now both games come up as unavailable.


The Lost Wizard is still on, but with no downloads, which is why it doesn't show up in searches (unlike on Steam). No sign of Theodore anywhere, apart from a few mentions of its launch last year. The company itself has no website I can find, though TLW has a Facebook page. So you bought those keys from elsewhere? It would be useful to know.

Hi,  The Lost Wizard in my account says a game bought 10 months ago,  not available on Windows.  It was originally part of  Groupees The Blitz Bundle.       Note the itch key mentioned.  Which I added to my account at the time.

The Theodore Adventures is from Groupees Build A Bundle 33    Again, note the Itch key mention.  I added it. Now I get a 404 not found  page on


Indeed, deleting the files is a loophole creators can use to get products off Itch after selling them. Well, I've escalated this issue, an admin should see it soon. Out of curiosity, were you able to find out anything from

Only that they are aware of it.    I think the bigger issue here is that game keys no longer have any value to me or the several thousand folks who like to buy game bundles,  knowing that what you paid for can disappear like vapourware.  You folks really need to plug this loophole, or ban devs that use that loophole from listing their new games on the site. 



This is the second topic you've created. I suggested messaging our support address so we could get you in touch with the developer to resolve the issue. Did you do that?

Our stance is that there is that there is no reason for developers to take things down for no reason, but we also want to make sure developers have control over what they upload if they need to make changes. We've made some changes a while back that prevent developers from  outright deleting pages and prompts them about if a change they are making could be disabling access. If there is someone abusing the system then we'll definitely take administrative action on their accounts, and refund where appropriate.


Yes, this is the second topic I've created as it's the second game I've no longer got access to in my library. Sorry to have bothered you.  I've tried to contact the dev through his Steam address with no reply back from him.   Carry on.