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Yes, this is the second topic I've created as it's the second game I've no longer got access to in my Itch.io library. Sorry to have bothered you.  I've tried to contact the dev through his Steam address with no reply back from him.   Carry on.

Only that they are aware of it.    I think the bigger issue here is that Itch.io game keys no longer have any value to me or the several thousand folks who like to buy game bundles,  knowing that what you paid for can disappear like vapourware.  You folks really need to plug this loophole, or ban devs that use that loophole from listing their new games on the site. 

Hi,  The Lost Wizard in my account says a game bought 10 months ago,  not available on Windows.  It was originally part of  Groupees The Blitz Bundle.   https://groupees.com/blitz       Note the itch key mentioned.  Which I added to my account at the time.

The Theodore Adventures is from Groupees Build A Bundle 33   https://groupees.com/bab33    Again, note the Itch key mention.  I added it. Now I get a 404 not found  page on Itch.io.

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Huh... same dev/publisher...listed as Firestorm Entertainment and  on The Theodore Adventures the dev is norum82, pub is Firestorm.  I got Itch keys after paying for a couple of Groupees bundles,  with the promise of Steam keys.  Got neither from this goof. I should say, I got Itch keys that used to work, now both games come up as unavailable.

First The Lost Wizard, now Theodore - paid for both of these through a bundle.  Devs are pulling a fast one. Is it time for Itch.io to be like Steam and prevent devs from pulling them off the site or using the loophole to put them out of reach of the public (including those who paid for the game?)

I thought this problem had been solved over a year ago, but it's happened again.  Paid Groupees for a bundle,  got a drm-free copy plus an itchi.io key code, and the promise of a Steam key.  The Lost Wizard is now on Steam, they haven't sent Groupees keys for any of the customers, and the dev has removed the game from Itch.io.   My game is gone!   I paid for it. I would like it back.  Oh yeah, and the drm-free copy is in Italian.   

Ciao,  Itch.io.

Also,  mods,  before you remove this you should know that the email support tab is no longer working, it takes me to a Google search page.


CRC failure in multiple dl's of file. Then during installation it fails because of a missing file.

HI I have downloaded this several times, but the zip is corrupted or the game files are missing something. Can't get it to install.

That's easy! (old gamer here) - Played tons of games back in the 386/Pentium days, but for 10 years plus I played one game - Paradox's original Victoria An Empire Under the Sun (and I'm counting the revision Victoria: Revolutions in with this) That's right. Only game I played for a decade plus! Probably put in a dozen hours every week. Thank goodness my son convinced me to check out Steam last year at this time. Now I'm sitting on 3200 games to make up for that lost decade.