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My game asset character don't appear in the store

A topic by CESRA created Jan 20, 2018 Views: 233 Replies: 5
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Hello and sorry for my english, a friend recomendme this page and looks great for work and play, the comunity looks great too.

Well, i try to sell a game asset character but don't appears in the store, i looking for answers but in many sections says things like "don't mark the option X" or "dismark the option X" but i don't have any this problems, i edit many times the project page and everything is public.

Should I wait for an administrator to review my work?, if that's the case, sorry for the inconvenience.


If you mean this one, you're selling it for a minimum price, and you just published it, so it will have to be manually approved before it appears in listings and searches. This usually takes 24-36 hours.


Thanks for the answer, then I can relax and continue making more and better packs, I've been looking for a page with an active community to work for a long time.

Say, does this apply to all paid content or just to asset packs?


It depends, some content may automatically be put into a review queue. Your page is available directly by URL as soon as it is published though, so you can push people to it immediately after publishing it.

Thanks! I'm still getting used to this site.