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Check out our Rogue-like 'Dungeon Chop Chop'

A topic by SlackDragon created Jan 15, 2018 Views: 398 Replies: 4
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We recently released our Rogue-like Top-down Adventure game 'Dungeon Chop Chop'. 

Download it here!

Check out our gameplay trailer 

Good Job on this game

Thank you! :)

WOW!.. Hack n Slash!

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This worked rite outta the box nice on Puppy 5.7.1(LINUX).  Since I didn't have a fast video card I was impressed!!!!  GOOD WORK. KEEP THOSE SETTINGS....BTW, U(s) did a great job on compilation for this title.. KEEP these settings if possible for all future game(s) and you be all GOOD in my book!

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