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Oh hey, thanks so much for sharing all that!
We've recently been busy with new jobs etc. 

Planning to go into full development soon, and will address all the points you raised. We had limited time to get everything in the game and so some elements were unfinished such as the boss fights.
Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and feedback :)



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Thank you! :)

We recently released our Rogue-like Top-down Adventure game 'Dungeon Chop Chop'. 

Download it here!

Check out our gameplay trailer 

The game is candy! So much flavor so much buzz love. 

Super snappy controls. There are some wonderful mechanics that have been executed with precision. Care for all the details gives such strong appeal. Killer work Moonradish!

Cool snappy control .. Lots of details. Good Job Guys! Solid effort!

Wow! This game was awesome! I've not  been super into strategy type games for a while, but this has so much appeal and was so easy to just jump in and play! I enjoyed playing it from the get go.  I would love to see this game in it's finished state. So much wonderful care taken to ensure the player can see clearly everything that is relevant at all times. Another option to 'pass' besides the little x on the hud would be cool.. like a right click or double click to bring up the option to pass without moving the cursor?
Keep up the great work I want more of this!

Super impressive job for a jam entry Woah! Controller support would set it off for me! 
but wow...  what a fantastic effort! Well done guys!

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Hey, this game was awesome! Super hard.. Just got owned. Mad keen to hit it up 2P 

some really nice abilities and cooldown system! 

I'd love to see a little more  player feedback when dealing damage. To help really feel the 'Hits' 
But this is totally on the right track, great work guys keep it up! 

I encountered a bug when I jumped and got stuck into the jumping state and couldn't do anything eg attack. I don't necessarily have a feature suggestion, more just to try and follow cube worlds style (my opinion of course, because I love that game). Performance was great, I have a reasonably high end computer but its still a few years outdated. I hope some of this helps :)

The game looks beautiful! Definitely one of my favourite type of art style. Lots of really awesome mechanics in the game, I really like where it's going. As a huge fan of cube world, this really gives me some good memories. There are a few bugs but nothing unexpected from a game in development. Keep it up, can't wait to see how this looks in the upcoming months :)