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Export to android

A topic by shadowtzu created Mar 09, 2016 Views: 1,413 Replies: 5
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Due to some problem I wrote a small tutorial explaining how to export to android with IntelXDK:

What is the preformance like when you run your game(s) on android? I cant get mine to run smoothly.


To get my game run smoothly I use a deltatime

How do you handle input on your mobile games since you don't have a keyboard?


Superpowers comes with built-in handlers for touch-inputs, take a look at these methods under Sup.Input:

 function getTouchPosition(index: number): Math.Vector2;
function isTouchDown(index: number): boolean;
function wasTouchStarted(index: number): boolean;
function wasTouchEnded(index: number): boolean;

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Hi ! I'm trying to iù^prt a gaùe to the Intel XDK, but apparently, it doesn't work :

The Intel XDK requires that all application source files include an index.html file and reside in a folder located at the root of your project folder. Please create a new folder (typically named www) inside your project root folder and move your project sources to that new folder. Click "Continue" after you have relocated your source files to this new "source directory." SeeUnderstanding Project Files and the Source Directory for additional information.

Do anyone have a solution ?