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Thanks, nice to hear that someone is playing it.  I'm most definitely working on more stuff for the game.

oh my, the whole tool time thing just made me giggle too much.  I have to go watch old episodes of it now.

Nice game man, really interesting.

80's Big Hair Metal all the way.

Wow this looks really cool... I really like the hand draw graphics.

would it be more efficient to possibly resize the sprite images as well so that your not downloading as large of an asset from the web?

Does anyone happen to have an example of a state machine type pattern implemented in TypeScript?

what do you mean buy limit the screen to the player?

Has anyone tried using with superpower to control players on the screen? I'm just curious as it looks interesting.

make sure you add



to your .gitignore as they are not needed for sharing your project.

Any chance there could be some sort of naming alteration on assets like maybe a version string to prevent browsers from caching stuff that has changed? I just beat on a problem where it looked right in the tool but chrome wasn't reflecting my changes... clearing the cache fixed it but was quite a pain to deal with.

Thanks for the quick reply, I didn't realize that was the widget being used. That's exactly what I was looking for.


How do you handle input on your mobile games since you don't have a keyboard?

Is there some documentation some place on the built in text editor? I'm looking for search and replace functionality and can't figure out how to get it.