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Actually, no you can't sorry.

Hi ! I'm trying to iù^prt a gaùe to the Intel XDK, but apparently, it doesn't work :

The Intel XDK requires that all application source files include an index.html file and reside in a folder located at the root of your project folder. Please create a new folder (typically named www) inside your project root folder and move your project sources to that new folder. Click "Continue" after you have relocated your source files to this new "source directory." SeeUnderstanding Project Files and the Source Directory for additional information.

Do anyone have a solution ?

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Here is a sample of my problems : Screenshot of console

There is not such thing in superpowers (for now), but you can stop a cannon js physiocs body because youse we must set time between Gravity and movement. but you can surely do a global var :

var isPause : boolean = false;

if(isPause == false){

//Move player and check if player presses a button.


//Do nothing special.


I hope I helped you :-D

Hello !

I try to do a plugin to get the phone pitch yaw and roll so here is what I did :

In Node JS console, i went in C:\'MyName'\Appdata\Superpowers\core

and typed node server init game:sheepKnight/PhoneOrientation

But apparently he can't find the game system (which is installed) :

"You don't have a system with the ID game installed."

Do anyone have any idea ?


I was wondering, is there a way to get the phone pitch, yaw and roll ?

I saw ways to do it in JS (using window.addEventListener()), but it doesn't seems to work with superpowers, the compilation fails.

Do somebody knows if there is a way to get it ? (a plugin or a function that is well hidden ?)

Thanks anyway :D


Ce projet me semble vraiment intéressant, et sympathique de réalisation.

Mon principal problème, c'est que je n'habite pas près de Paris (pas du tout même).

Serait-il possible de tout de même contribuer à ce projet ?


Nevermind, I've corrected it :

let pos = new CANNON.Vec3(,,;

let vec = new Sup.Math.Vector3(Sup.Input.getGamepadAxisValue(0,0) * this.speed, velocity.y, Sup.Input.getGamepadAxisValue(0,1) * this.speed).rotate( CANNON.Vec3(vec.x - v.x, vec.y - v.y, vec.z - v.z), pos);


So, in my game i would like the player to move considering his orientation, for exemple if the player's character looks on the right, pressing forward will transform the vector 1, 0, 0 to 0, 0, 1. I'm just looking for a transform function, but didn't found something corresponding to what I need. already use this line of code for the movement: CANNON.Vec3(Sup.Input.getGamepadAxisValue(0,0) * this.speed - v.x, velocity.y - v.y, Sup.Input.getGamepadAxisValue(0,1) * this.speed - v.z), pos);

thanks :)

Nevermind !I finally found a way :

First, I Set the world in the class, not in the awake method.

Second : use ";" in your update method so the world will apply the gravity correctly every 60 frames per second.

So yeah...

Have a nice day though !

Hello !

I wanted to make that a cannon body would fall while in mid-air, by using gravity. I found the world.gravity.set method. That doesn't do anything, so here is the code, if you see something that I did wrong.

awake() {

let world = new CANNON.World();



PS : I already looked at the doc, but didn't found anything :'(

thanks to at least read my post:)