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Pause the Game?

A topic by KoalaPenguin created Sep 26, 2016 Views: 471 Replies: 2
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Is there a quick way to pause a game in SuperPowers? (Like the Time.timeScale=0 trick used in Unity)

I have quite a few tweens running and I'd like to be able to just stop all of them when an in-game pause button is pressed.


There is not such thing in superpowers (for now), but you can stop a cannon js physiocs body because youse we must set time between Gravity and movement. but you can surely do a global var :

var isPause : boolean = false;

if(isPause == false){

//Move player and check if player presses a button.


//Do nothing special.


I hope I helped you :-D

Thanks, it helps just knowing that I can't do it :)

I was going to try putting in a global variable for a pause button, but I have too many timed events and tweens for it to really be a practical thing to implement at this point in.