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Questions about the game

A topic by PaleAngel_90 created Nov 27, 2021 Views: 1,779 Replies: 8
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For doubts and questions.

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How to save the progress? Does it auto-save? Why does the cost of sumonning increase at odd intervals? Will the game have future updates? 


Hey again PA!  =)

Sooo, yes! The game Auto-Saves your progress. You dont need to save. If you start a New Game, it will wipe out any progress and Orcs you've recruited. 

Oh so about Summoning Costs, they incrementally get bigger everytime you summon. It's something our Game Designer wanted to try out, and at first I was hesitant as I've never seen that done in a gatcha before...but they convinced me! lol 

The idea behind it, was we didnt want it to be a massive grind to get your 3rd and then 4th Unit right off the bat. The low summon cost will help in the beginning, but the scaling curve of the cost will plateau to around what we wanted the flat cost to be originally. We tested / tweaked said curve a few times, and we feel pretty good that it doesnt get TOO ridiculous by the time you're close to collecting them all.

As for future updates, as of right now, there are no plans for it. It's a one and done deal. BUT...who knows what lies in the future.^^


This might come out mean but... The mc's body turns me off. With just one glance at the game screenshots, I knew that it's a good game and it is. I'll be waiting with more of your games.


I'm going to be honest, that's an issue I have too. While I love the Orcs I really can't get to find it in me to like the body and aestethics of the MC...

It would be nice to at least customize the mc's body composition but considering the work needed for it, it may not be worth it.

Is it NSFW? Has sex scenes or CGs?


The game has some nudity, but no sex scenes or CGs

is there a discord group for it