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Hi there Samapatti!

It's so good to hear from you, your passion for the LMA series and for bringing this to my attention. 

Tbh, I thought fulfilling the Adult Content self-rating questionnaire that Steam provides was going to be enough. But after watching that video you provided, it does look like Steam just doesnt have enough strong Age-Verification methods to satisfy Germany's requirements.
I'm unsure if my games would be considered "indexed", and if so, perhaps that means even attempting a USK rating would still be in vain?

Regardless, even if I was able to achieve the greenlight via said USK rating, if that meant having to censor or change LMA 1/2...I would honestly not be OK with having to do that. I think the sexuality and gore in our games, are intrinsic to their DNA and the artistic vision.

Are you able to at least view LMA 1/2 in Germany via That's something I'm curious to know as well.

Anyways, thanks again for your support and for letting me know about this! ^^

Haha! It worked Uwu!

It it ever. ;)  And thank you! Tbh, I haven't even opened up Steamworks to check on how either game has been I'm alil scared of what I might find there. I'm sure it's fine...but I'm I admit my heart starts to race when I think about taking a look.

Hello Cetais! (and anyone else interested in the Steam Key prospect)

Ok, sooo...I've done a bit of research into it...and here's some findings/the outcome:

 - games can (easily) retroactively have Steam Keys made available, even if they didn't upon initial release.

- While the above process seems simple, IF there's any customer or tech issues where customer's aren't able to get their Steam Key (when they should be able)...a Steam key may have to be issued by myself manually. Which seems quite difficult.

- is apparently not very good/fast at getting back to Devs/Customers who're experiencing the above issue.

- It doesn't make financial sense for SSEA at this time, to do Steam Keys. SSEA is just too small for that to make sense business-wise.

So although we aren't offering Steam Keys, I do have some good news! =)  Although far from becoming a reality soon, I'm thinking to do a "remaster" of sorts, to the first "Let's MEAT Adam". Similar to what I did with Dream Savior Gakuen ReDraw.

Bring it more inline (quality, visuals-wise) with LMA2, at least. I'd like to redo all the UI, sprites, BGs, CGs etc...along with other quality-of-life improvements! (and maybe some additional content). This would be a FREE upgrade to anyone who has bought LMA, whether or Steam! 

I hope that answers your question and isn't too disappointing an outcome. Thank you regardless for your support and interest in our game(s)!

Hi Cetais! :)

Tbh that's something I hadn't even considered/thought of. Let me look into the logistics of what's involved, and I'll get back to you (and others who may have the same question!)

Gut feeling, but if I had to guess it'll come down to how difficult it is to implement on our end, if doing so would derail our Steam release date (Steam...uh, can be "fickle" or difficult...let's just leave it at that lol), and lastly if it makes sense business-wise. Let me do some research and I'll reply back here. Thank you for your support and patience! 

It''s finally happening!!!

Hey Uwu_F!

So good to hear from you! Sooo the game hasn't been "abandoned" persay...however there's something I've been working on in relation to LMA2 that has been holding up and effectively ate up scope to address the Retired Ending. (I'll be making a post today to announce that "thing" be on the lookout! ~WOOT!)

So although said Ending won't become something available/fixed...there's something, I'd say much better, coming soon! (Yes, I'm being cryptic on purpose lol)

Hey again PA!  =)

Sooo, yes! The game Auto-Saves your progress. You dont need to save. If you start a New Game, it will wipe out any progress and Orcs you've recruited. 

Oh so about Summoning Costs, they incrementally get bigger everytime you summon. It's something our Game Designer wanted to try out, and at first I was hesitant as I've never seen that done in a gatcha before...but they convinced me! lol 

The idea behind it, was we didnt want it to be a massive grind to get your 3rd and then 4th Unit right off the bat. The low summon cost will help in the beginning, but the scaling curve of the cost will plateau to around what we wanted the flat cost to be originally. We tested / tweaked said curve a few times, and we feel pretty good that it doesnt get TOO ridiculous by the time you're close to collecting them all.

As for future updates, as of right now, there are no plans for it. It's a one and done deal. BUT...who knows what lies in the future.^^

Heh, I know Ive always had a thing for Orcs myself (especially barbarian orcs, mmm). Oops! Almost lost my train of thought there. ;)  But it's only really been in the last 2 yrs that I've REALLY wanted to do something related to Bara Orcs.

But yes! Please give it a try Ericz, and let us know your thoughts! We're always looking to improve. :) and if you do like the game, please share and let your friends know! The more the merrier. ^^

December 1st! We're waiting on 1 last Battle Track, but effectively, we're done already! =D

Oh, most absolutely PaleAngel. ^_^

He's a Fire Unit too, and they just so happen to generally do well in the early battles/stages.

Awww, Thank you Bacchus! I *always* want more Adam as well! I'm pretty sure this won't be the last we see of "Adam".  ;)

Hi PaleAngel! Sorry I took so long to reply.

We took our family out on a little trip this past week and abit, and the internet was basically non existent there. But it was certainly nice to disconnect. ^_^

Anyways, YES! LOL. "Sarudude" is just like some evil dude...totally generic. ;)

TGIF Muscle Lovers!!!

Soul here, just wanted to stop by and say how amazed, stoked and pleased I am with how BJ2021 is going so far. 

This is the 1st time, in BaraJam's history, that this number of submissions have come in and so quickly! It makes me excited at the possibility, that considering the jam is still a month from over, that we may get more entries in this year than EVER BEFORE.

You can view the 4 (at the time of this psot) incredible submissions here!:

And that's all thanks to the awesome BaraDevs Discord, Twitter and all the community members who engage, prop up and encourage each other.  This will be my last time as primary Host of BaraJam (at least for the forseeable future) I'm very happy that in my hosting duties, we're gonna go out with a BANG!

All the best,


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Haha yup! I recall your entry. :)

Tbh, I had been thinking (while we were concepting our game) of asking you if we could have him be another guest unit available for recruitment. C'est la vie!

Awww, thank you! That means a TON. <3

Btw, I know I've mentioned it on the BaraDevs Discord, but you should totally submit something to our Orc Design Raffle!

Even sketches, hopefully with some color is good enough, and I can handle the rest! 

Thanks Ertal! That means a bunch! Hope your Convention is going amazing!

Thanks Sanctioned! I dunno if its a secret of not...but UI Design is actually 1 of my fav things to do, aside from Illustrating.

Thanks Twister! I hope you look forward to and eventually try our GameJam game. Are you a fan of RPG/Gatcha Games?

Hey Jodie! Good to see you again! =D

And thank you for your comment and support. BTW, you should totally join our Orc Design Raffle Contest!

Who knows, you might get lucky! ;)

BARA JAM 2021 community · Created a new topic JAM START!

It's officially October 1st!

And you know what that means...alongside gamejams like "Spooktoberfest",  starts our annual BARA JAM (2021) Game Jam!!!

Thank you to all who've already put their hat in, and officially joined the jam. Remember, you can join at anytime, but I encourage everyone to  sign up early and start getting involved with the community. Making a game is one thing, but getting involved with our awesome community of bara devs and appreciators is the other big half. You won't regret it. =)

Please view the main Jam Page on, to get helpful links on where to find teammates or chill on our Discord for some silly and muscly conversations. 

GOOOO BARA JAM 2021!!! #BaraJam

Aww, you’re always welcome here Snowflakea ❄️. Heh, your comment just reminded me… But I should play DSGR again. (Periodically I replay my own games, to refresh myself on my origins, what my games have been, and may be where they’ll go next/evolve)

Hey Hakuohsama! Aww, thank you so very much. I'm really humbled to hear that you bought and played both games just recently!

You may not believe me, but I have never played a Danganronpa! lol. But definitely I was inspired by my love of 999 for my games. I'm so glad you caught that, but then again I don't really hide my inspirations too much. 

If someday the perfect idea/storyline for a LMA3 comes into mind, I'll def do a three-quel. lol. But I'm definitely not forcing one to materialize, as I've never been good at or happy with the work that comes from that. =)

Hey Omega! No worries, thanks for reaching out! 

And yes, you're totally not wrong. The Art Style came about my digging into my subconscious and remembering all the small little "crushes" I had growing up on Sunday morning cartoon lineup. :)   As a kid/oblivious teen, characters like Johnny Bravo, the jock bullies from Danny Phantom etc, always made me feel "I like him. But I don't know why..." lol

Yeah, unfortunately you're not the 1st to inquire about a sequel. And tbh that makes me so happy and is very flattering , thank you! At this time, there's no plans for a sequel. But never-say-never right?! 

Hi Chloe!

Congrats on jumping into the terrifying but totally worth-it, world of your 1st indie game lol. =)

But seriously, I think you'll find it really fulfilling. Are you pretty much going to be a solodev (I cant recall if I'd already asked you that)? I read on the game page that this is going to be full 3D with a battle system and everything. Certainly much more realtime than anything Renpy can pull off! Speaking of "pulling-off" I'm sure you can do exactly that with Fever.

(Btw, I liked the concept! I was wondering at first how pirates, horror, and dating might go together...but this post paints that picture)

Woot~!!! ^_^

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Hi Bjeorr!

Aw, thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed the original LMA. Sooo it'll be different for everyone, but I'd consider myself an Average-Slow reader...when I would playthrough LMA2 to get the entire sense of the game as a whole...I'd estimate it took me 7-8 hours?

Either way, I can assure you...if you loved the original, I feel like LMA2 delivers even more than the first. It's a slow burn horror by comparison/nature...but stay with it and I promise you, you won't be disappointed.=)

Hey Nymrod,

Hmmm, I could've sworn there was another lunch event opportunity just before the Starface Event that would help players achieve the "Retired End". Here you'd be able to gain/lose some Purity points...or so was the plan. lol

If it really isnt possible without cheating, I suppose the only way to achieve it would be to lay down some choices options that would let players gain/lose Purity points leading up to the Starface event. I'd have to think about how to achieve this easily, if some time were to free up for me.

Awww, thank you Jodie! That means alot. And I will! :)  

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Hey Max,

Sorry for the late reply. I've been working 6 shifts a week these past few, but luckily today is the day Im finally getting back to everyone :) 

So the issue is with itch's UI. These appear disabled but you can actually click them. Let me know if this helps k

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Hey Nymrod! Firstly, just wanted to say thank you for being so involved in the LMA2 community. Your guidance to others has been really helpful!

So about DLC, at this time there's no plans for it. I do like the idea though! It's a good way of expanding the story/world and improving and adding possible endings etc. I know another bara dev, who has done a muscle Furry patch/dlc for one of his games (turns all sprites into their furry version). Which I think is pretty neat.

Also, I've been roped into a team for NanoReno 2021 which starts next month and runs for 2 I think? Anyways, that'll be eating up most of time and creative juices unfortunately. So I think the earliest I can attempt gamedev again purely for SSEA, might be for BaraJam 2021.

Hehe yes it would be strange to have a game set in a game porn studio and not have *any* smut lol. But it's true, the LMA series has always first and foremost been horror/thriller and then erotic afterwards (priority wise)

Hi SandPixie!

Sorry for the late reply! So yeah, Nymrod is kinda also explaining the base issue, and now I know exactly what went wrong. 

TMI, but Renpy lets you set what audio channels certain sounds play from. There's a music, voice and sfx channel etc. (I think there might be others, but not sure). Unfortunately it sounds (no pun intended) that the CTC click sound, is linked to the SFX channel...but so are the voices...which they shouldn't have been. 

It's an easy fix but rebuilding it rn, would eat alot of time. Unfortunately too much to fix something that is more of a "preference" than a bug intrinsically. I hope you understand!

Well, I'm going to get both and hopefully they turn out equally well. :)

(I also got the same service to make custom plushies of an illustration of us, that my husband made for Valentines. I hope those turn out good too!)

Ooh I love this. Especially the idea of a Chuck ending. Chuck is a side character, but I did really end up liking him alot as I was devving the game. 

In hindsight, our surfer 80's pornstache husbando should have an ending of his own. But if so, I'd def want to elevate him more to a main character and give him more scenes and chances to get to know him/hang out.

There's alot of refs which would likely be noticable for folks who are/have been into the gayporn scene, or know alittle more than just the pornstars names. =)

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hi Teatime,

Aw thank you for letting me know! 🙏🏽 renpy (the game engine) has a new version. So I rebuilt the game to have Renpys new optimizations and stability fixes.

looks like when you reupload builds, it clears the price :(. (Even if the file name was identical) 

it’s been fixed now. Thank you so much!!!

Hi 1earth! Would you like more meaty hints, or just the straight up answers? Either way, you can email me at and let me know. Thanks!

Hi Haythem! I remember you! Thank you for being so invested in our games! ^_^

I agree with almost everyone you want to romance, except I'd personally add Chuck to the list. lol. Also, if you're interested, I left a comment above to Nymrod addressing Adam's "controllability". Hopefully that helps alil.

Heh I've gotten ALOT of feedback and desire for some kind of Abzi route. It feels like a missed opportunity at this point alil =p

Oh OK, whew! I'm relieved!