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It looks adorable right?! 

AW thank you ThoseShanks! I'm working on expanding the demo this entire week and hope to iron out some narrative quirks from the demo. (Alot of ppl were bothered by the despondency in the way inner dialog and narration worked) Hopefully I'll have a finished SexyLitter out soon!

Hi Teatime!

Sorry about the delayed reply, it's odd...I never got a notification for your post. Hmm strange. Anyways, please send me an email at soulsoftea.gmail.com as I have an idea of how to solve this. Thanks!

PS. Do you think you might just be biased as your name is about "tea" as well?  ;)

Hi Mica Manticore (What a great name btw!)

I checked out your hilarious playthrough and was right there with you laughing along at your observations and inability to say the word "daddy". ;)

The full game is out! Yay! Has been for awhile and is for sale on the same page you probably found the demo from. What you need to do is click on the download link and then type in $10 or more, and then a link to the full version appears. Yes, itch does it rather strangely. They used to have separate links for each download type (demo and non-demo and windows or mac etc.) but they've changed it and it seems to confuse many people.

Cheers! Please let me know when you continue the playthrough saga for Let's MEAT Adam!

Hi Carol,

Thank for the interest in SexyLitter! If you are really into and regularly play BL Games, I think you'll like what SL has in store. It's a light-hearted but risque parody off all those things that you love and hate about said games.

Currently only the demo is available (at least for YaoiJam 2018) however, I'm hard at work to release the full version sometime this year.

Cheers! ^_^

Hi TacticaStraw,

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Actually I'd be really interested to watch your playthrough, if you could send me a link.  :)

So yes, the full game is out. On the "Let's MEAT Adam" page, you have to click "Download" and then adjust the price to $10 for the full version links (either mac or pc) to become available. Then you can make your selection from there.

Hope that helps! Also, don't reuse your save from the demo into the full version, they are not compatible and the full game will throw errors.

"Hey all, I'm Aki and no I'm not a furry! Okay? I'm your average high-maintenance, fashionable guy who sometimes cross-dresses during smexy times (unwillingly of course! How dare you). I also have a killer dry wit. I'm a mix, like if you smashed Cher from Clueless and Wednesday Adams, is how I'd best describe myself.

I'm attending my first year at the University of North Catterina, but of course, living in the Omegaverse means my Heat strikes at the worst time ever! Like week one actually. For those of you who aren't in the know, in the Omegaverse, there are Betas, Omegas, and Alphas who literally take on animalistic traits. I dunno if that justifies our cat ears and tails though...I swear it's a cheap attempt at exploitation somehow! Anyways, we Omegas, once a month, go into Heat which drives all the Alphas WILD.

All I wanted was a banal stock-standard yaoi BL experience that happens to take place at a school. Now with my Heat bringing all the Tomcats to the yard, how am I ever going to adjust smoothly to my higher educational experience!? This is like, my future! I can't give into being skanky...again." - AKI 

Hi everyone! Sexy Litter is a Yaoi/BL parody game dreamt up by my best friend LadyRiot, and SSEA is finally getting around to making her dream collaboration come true. She has some of the best humor and writing skills I've seen, is very active in the anime fanfic community, and I hope we bring you something hilarious, stupid, venomously sarcastic and still contains massive amounts of heart. Sexy Litter will bring up and poke (or shank) mercilessly at all those gay tropes that make you roll your damn eyes, is very self-aware and totally unapologetic. Oh and of course 18+ sexy content abounds! We can't have a game called "Sexy Litter" without sexy times in it, can we? Perverts.


- 7 Endings.
- Chiptune OST which fits the weird 80's/90's aesthetic we have going on. 
- Animated BGs.
- Branching scenarios that stem from your choices.
- 18+ NSFW content + CGs.

Demo Coming Soon! (In time for YaoiJam2018)

Soulsoft EA also has other great games at https://soulsoftea.itch.io/

Visit the official "Sexy Litter" thread here.

Hi Kandron,

Thanks for reaching out! Sorry about the delayed reply...things have been very busy over at Soulsoft EA these days.

Hmmm, I've seen errors like this before and usually they are because the person had played the demo and then simply reused or copied over their save from the demo version into the full version.

Can you confirm if that's true? If so, the only thing I know that has fixed it for those users is to use a fresh save unfortunately.

Let me know and thank you!

Hi there! Sorry about the delayed reply. I've been really busy juggling work, a new Soulsoft EA VN and also collabing on a game for YaoiJam 2018.

There is definitely a way for Sato to like you. But first you must avoid all the other guys throwing their advances at you and ending up on their routes...like Marlain, That's the main thing. Then, after Jaja discovers Sato has feelings for you too...you must pick to meet with Jaja NOT Sato. Sato will be so impressed that you put his brother first (like he would) that he decides to give you a chance. Goodluck!

Hi Azure! Sorry about the delayed reply. I've been really busy juggling work, a new Soulsoft EA VN and also collabing on a game for YaoiJam 2018.

It's true, some of the endings are alittle unsatisfying but I can assure you there are definitive endings that let you know where you stand with that character. I'm guessing maybe you've only encountered the "bad" or "ok" endings like the "Friendship" Ending. Personally I like the friendship ending even if you don't end up with anyone but some people find it unsatisfying.

Anyways, don't give up! Those endings you are looking for do exist! =)

No, never too late to the party.  There is definitely an ending where you end up with him, it is tricky to get (mainly cause the other guys routes have the potential to derail you off his, if you let them) and there is only 1 way to attain it.  While there is no official guide, there are def some posts on Lemmasoft Forums that I'm certain can help.


Then search for "Dream Savior Gakuen".

Hi 10607, Wow your comment means a lot and is the very reason I make VNs.  I was inspired by CLANNAD, a VN and series that moved me deeply and basically destroyed me emotionally only to bring me back to life. And everything seemed more vivid and brighter.  That feeling was what I wanted the essence of DSGR to be and to evoke. Thank you so much for playing! I'm really glad you loved it.

Hi Txara! There is no option to actually select your gender, however the MC is ambiguous. We made sure to not make references or make descriptions that would give away the MC's gender either way. Alot of people found that they did not notice, and were able to put themselves in the MC's shoes. I hope you can and enjoy DSGR too! :)

Apologies for the late reply btw. 

Hey there Fyfyone, thanks for reaching out! There most definitely is an ending for Keeves (guy on the bus). Have you only encountered him once? You need to at least encounter him twice to be able to be set onto his route. I think in order to meet him again you must first tell him that "You'd like to see him again" at the end of encounter one. 

Then you must decline Jaja's offer for icecream. Hope that helps!

Hello Roifa!

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately we'll only be accepting purchases through Itch which link to our SSEA Paypal account. I believe Itch does allow diff methods of payment and while I looked into them initially, there were too many inconveniences and Paypal was the most efficient to setup as well as cost wise. 

I hope you'll enjoy LMA over the holidays and have a great Christmas break!


(Edited 1 time)

Haha I know its abit slow at the start but that's cause I had to introduce everyone. Now that death 1 happened it's all a crazy rollercoaster from there. I've watched your 2nd+3rd videos on LMA and so far Im enjoying it. Great voices btw. ;)

Hi Froge,

Long time no chat! So naturally I can't test it as I don't have Linux, however I recompiled the game so if you redownload it...give it a shot and let me know if it works.

Happy Holidays! :)

Hi Rainby,

Thanks for reaching out, especially during this busy holiday season! I actually watched the 1st episode you did of the demo's playthrough and I loved all the extra commentary that you have. Keep it up! =)

The game gets very tense and although it doesn't go into straight up horror in the traditional sense, it is a thriller and you will find yourself in terrifying circumstances. I know you like Horror, so you'll enjoy that aspect. lol

Anyways can't wait to see the next playthrough episode!

PS. Vince is a sweetheart, like kind've an adorable oaf in a way and Lucky is brilliant. Some people didn't like his personality as it was confident enough for them perhaps, but personally he holds a special place in my <3

Hi Froge, thanks for letting me know! I really appreciate it. With the Christmas vacation coming up, there's tons of work deadlines and I'm terribly busy. However when I get a free change (probably on a weekend) I'll try what you suggested and see if that helps.


The Demo is the first 15-20% of the game I believe. You get enough to preview the horror of the game and a puzzle. If you decide to buy the game, you'll need to start from the beginning, as saves from the demo are not compatible with the full version.

Yes please, if you need to contact me hit me up here: soulsoftea@gmail.com

Hope to hear from you soon! And happy belated thanksgiving! =D

Hi Gabriel,

Apologies about the late reply, things are very busy here what with the holidays approaching. I'm so glad the game was giving you the shivers and yes the full game is out! :) 

You were playing the demo I assume. You can download the full game for $7 on the main page. You need to hit the big green button that says "Download Now" but then you need to click on the text stating: " LetsMEATAdam.zip (203 MB) at $7.00 USD" (or the mac version of the full game if you own a mac) Hope that helps!

Hey CaliMack,

I got around to finally watching your playthrough and I loved the salacious and manic commentary! lol. It's great to see you get a kick out of the game. I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment as that's where it really starts to pick up.


Sorry about the late reply Konoi, I've been on a little relaxing vacay after the stress and hardwork involved in creating a VN. 

Haha, honestly the game's script and code was done so long ago that I'm not sure how the choices branch to what endings anymore. I did touch it up, but mainly grammar, spelling and removing some pronouns and old slang.

And totally I get what you mean by "thinner", I think you might mean where the lineart and general illustrations/characters  feel more "delicate" if that is the correct term. Tbh I had referenced many diff styles for the characters...for instance Marlain, I was looking at bishounen types in Shoujo Manga, but for Polar I was looking at Bara, Sato I was looking at Free! etc. At the end of the day, I still had to make them all match eachother despite where their initial inspirations were from. That is always a fun challenge.  =)

Anyways thanks for enjoying DSGR and I hope to see you around!

Hello TheGems,

Why thank you! When I have some time, I shall see about checking it out (atm I'm taking a well needed relaxing break after finishing DSGR lol)

Aw hello there Gattin! It makes me sooo happy to learn that you loved DSGR!!! And is it just me or are you typing like Jaja would speak? lol  ;)

There has already been  a few updates, in that there is now a mac version, I uploaded a new build to fix some spelling/grammar errors as well as an annoying bug that prevents the Credits from playing at the end. 

If you mean, will there be other Dream Savior Gakuen games, then  that is a secret. Heh. But I hope so someday.


Hi Konoi, 

Thanks so much for your indepth comment! So the original was my very first VN, and looking back on it....it had alot of maturing to do. However what worked about it, and made it quite easy to revamp it for today was that it was written with alot of heart. So the core of what DSG was, was always strong and translatable. Yes it always did have a very bittersweet feel to it, and this time around I think I punched that up more so with the use of lighting in the art and especially the music.

Ok so I believe all of the guys have a GOOD and a BEST ending except for possibly Keeves and Jaja. There is no BAD end for any of the guys persay, however you can get a BAD end in that you basically messed up most of your friendships on top of not ending up with anyone at all lol. The JOKE ending (imo is cringey too, so that could be considered a bad end) =p

Just curious what is your style (in terms of the art) and what kind of art style would you have wanted from DSGR? Just curious, I'm always taking in feedback for next time. Also thank you for the great suggestion about the animations. I'm not sure how to do that, but in future I can see about making that an option in the settings menu. 

Next VN I'm planning on learning how to make a CG gallery. ^_^ 

(Edited 1 time)

And you thought High School romances got complicated! As the doors open, welcoming you to your first year at an elite Art College, you wonder...will the art you create here have the ability to amaze? You never thought the guys you'd meet here would be the amazing ones. Although, you can't help the feeling that your purpose here is grander than you think, and that everything is not entirely as it seems. Welcome back to Dream Savior Gakuen ~ ReDraw.

This is an English Visual Novel with an ambiguous protagonist so you can play from a BxB or a GxB perspective. 

This VN can be downloaded for free from here (although donations are greatly appreciated):  https://soulsoftea.itch.io/dsg-redraw

And now, some previews!

Hey TheCaliMack, wow thank you so much for doing a Let'sPlay of LMA. Is this going to be on Youtube and if so I'd love it if you could post the link to your channel/video in your next reply.

The demo is part of the main story yes, it's actually a decent chunk of the 1st 20% of the entire game I'd say.

Hey Archcorenth! Thanks for stopping by. Sooo, by "Vince" I think you meant Pierce but I got what you meant anyways lol. There are actually several "Let's Plays" available . One of the most comprehensive ones is by "Andie Lately": https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcuYXc77NOYvrAFXYoDx6zQ    He's achieved all of the endings! Plus he's a great dude. 

Hey Mister,

Thanks for reaching out, I'm glad you got to play the demo! I suggest not skipping the first portion of the full game as there are differences between the demo and the actual game. Nothing crazy, however I always want people to get the most of the experience.

Also, I appreciate your kind comments! Alot of love was put into Let's MEAT Adam despite it's grim presentation. 

Hi Vichus, thanks for the heads up! I'll have to check it out sometime. :) Cheers

Nope no emulator is necessary. What version did you download the Mac or Pc version? It's not a winrar zip it should be a regular one. All you need to do is unzip the files and run the .exe. No installation required.

(Edited 1 time)

Hi Marlupus! Aw why thank you, I'm so happy to hear that you loved the game. It means alot to me as the developer. I'd love to answer your questions in depth but I don't want to spoil it. If you could email me: soulsoftea@gmail.com

I'd happily give you an indepth explanation on how The Light Room puzzle works and on how to go about avoiding the Bad End.

hey there starwarsman! So did you download both the demo AND buy the full version as well? The full version is larger in size. 

The demo has "demo" and pixillation over censored scenes so in that way, it is correct. However if you thought you had the full version or if you have both, i'd say delete the entire LMA folder and then unzip the full version again. You will lose saves, but saves are not cross compatible between demo/full version anyhow. Let me know if this works for you!

Oh thank goodness!I'm glad it worked out for you Himinoboi

Hi Himinoboi, sorry for the delayed reply. Hmm, I've not heard of anyone not being able to start the game period. Is this for the Demo or the Full version? Does it give you a crash log of any kind? If so, please send it to soulsoftea@gmail.com

Also, without really knowing the situation, 1 thing to watch for is if you downloaded the demo...try removing the demo off your pc/mac and do not use saves associated from the demo with the commercial version. Hope that helps!

Hi TeaTime, glad that all worked out for you! :) Yes the saves from the demo version are not compatible with the complete version simply cause changes were made in the final that won't be reflected or shared in the code/variables of the demo.

Never fear a Mac version is here!

Because of the many requests (and with the help of the BxB-playing, mac user community) I've been able to finally release a demo and complete version of Let's MEAT Adam! Now a whole other group of lambs can enter the hallowed rooms of Escape Mansion WeHo.

Let's MEAT Adam is a Bara, BxB visual novel set (as eloquently stated by a reviewer) in a neon NIGHTMARE of an escape room turned death game. Muscles, Blood, Escape, Trust, Betray, MEAT.

Hi Saggitteari, if you could also email me at soulsoftea@gmail.com I think we can work something that could potentially help ALL mac users. Essentially my plan is to give you a free mac demo build and if it works, I'd assume a full mac version would also work! :)

Then I'd just upload it here to itch. Yay! A win for all.

(Edited 1 time)

Hi Daroross, yes unfortunately the game is only for pc (Windows/Linux) at the moment. Primarily because I have no way of verifying if it works on mac nor did I have access to anyone who could test it on my behalf. However I have an idea! Can you email me at soulsoftea.gmail.com and we can discuss this plan I've just thought up. Look forward to hearing from you! :)