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Hey Hakuohsama! Aww, thank you so very much. I'm really humbled to hear that you bought and played both games just recently!

You may not believe me, but I have never played a Danganronpa! lol. But definitely I was inspired by my love of 999 for my games. I'm so glad you caught that, but then again I don't really hide my inspirations too much. 

If someday the perfect idea/storyline for a LMA3 comes into mind, I'll def do a three-quel. lol. But I'm definitely not forcing one to materialize, as I've never been good at or happy with the work that comes from that. =)

Hey Omega! No worries, thanks for reaching out! 

And yes, you're totally not wrong. The Art Style came about my digging into my subconscious and remembering all the small little "crushes" I had growing up on Sunday morning cartoon lineup. :)   As a kid/oblivious teen, characters like Johnny Bravo, the jock bullies from Danny Phantom etc, always made me feel "I like him. But I don't know why..." lol

Yeah, unfortunately you're not the 1st to inquire about a sequel. And tbh that makes me so happy and is very flattering , thank you! At this time, there's no plans for a sequel. But never-say-never right?! 

Hi Chloe!

Congrats on jumping into the terrifying but totally worth-it, world of your 1st indie game lol. =)

But seriously, I think you'll find it really fulfilling. Are you pretty much going to be a solodev (I cant recall if I'd already asked you that)? I read on the game page that this is going to be full 3D with a battle system and everything. Certainly much more realtime than anything Renpy can pull off! Speaking of "pulling-off" I'm sure you can do exactly that with Fever.

(Btw, I liked the concept! I was wondering at first how pirates, horror, and dating might go together...but this post paints that picture)

Woot~!!! ^_^

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Hi Bjeorr!

Aw, thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed the original LMA. Sooo it'll be different for everyone, but I'd consider myself an Average-Slow reader...when I would playthrough LMA2 to get the entire sense of the game as a whole...I'd estimate it took me 7-8 hours?

Either way, I can assure you...if you loved the original, I feel like LMA2 delivers even more than the first. It's a slow burn horror by comparison/nature...but stay with it and I promise you, you won't be disappointed.=)

Hey Nymrod,

Hmmm, I could've sworn there was another lunch event opportunity just before the Starface Event that would help players achieve the "Retired End". Here you'd be able to gain/lose some Purity points...or so was the plan. lol

If it really isnt possible without cheating, I suppose the only way to achieve it would be to lay down some choices options that would let players gain/lose Purity points leading up to the Starface event. I'd have to think about how to achieve this easily, if some time were to free up for me.

Awww, thank you Jodie! That means alot. And I will! :)  

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Hey Max,

Sorry for the late reply. I've been working 6 shifts a week these past few, but luckily today is the day Im finally getting back to everyone :) 

So the issue is with itch's UI. These appear disabled but you can actually click them. Let me know if this helps k

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Hey Nymrod! Firstly, just wanted to say thank you for being so involved in the LMA2 community. Your guidance to others has been really helpful!

So about DLC, at this time there's no plans for it. I do like the idea though! It's a good way of expanding the story/world and improving and adding possible endings etc. I know another bara dev, who has done a muscle Furry patch/dlc for one of his games (turns all sprites into their furry version). Which I think is pretty neat.

Also, I've been roped into a team for NanoReno 2021 which starts next month and runs for 2 I think? Anyways, that'll be eating up most of time and creative juices unfortunately. So I think the earliest I can attempt gamedev again purely for SSEA, might be for BaraJam 2021.

Hehe yes it would be strange to have a game set in a game porn studio and not have *any* smut lol. But it's true, the LMA series has always first and foremost been horror/thriller and then erotic afterwards (priority wise)

Hi SandPixie!

Sorry for the late reply! So yeah, Nymrod is kinda also explaining the base issue, and now I know exactly what went wrong. 

TMI, but Renpy lets you set what audio channels certain sounds play from. There's a music, voice and sfx channel etc. (I think there might be others, but not sure). Unfortunately it sounds (no pun intended) that the CTC click sound, is linked to the SFX channel...but so are the voices...which they shouldn't have been. 

It's an easy fix but rebuilding it rn, would eat alot of time. Unfortunately too much to fix something that is more of a "preference" than a bug intrinsically. I hope you understand!

Well, I'm going to get both and hopefully they turn out equally well. :)

(I also got the same service to make custom plushies of an illustration of us, that my husband made for Valentines. I hope those turn out good too!)

Ooh I love this. Especially the idea of a Chuck ending. Chuck is a side character, but I did really end up liking him alot as I was devving the game. 

In hindsight, our surfer 80's pornstache husbando should have an ending of his own. But if so, I'd def want to elevate him more to a main character and give him more scenes and chances to get to know him/hang out.

There's alot of refs which would likely be noticable for folks who are/have been into the gayporn scene, or know alittle more than just the pornstars names. =)

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hi Teatime,

Aw thank you for letting me know! 🙏🏽 renpy (the game engine) has a new version. So I rebuilt the game to have Renpys new optimizations and stability fixes.

looks like when you reupload builds, it clears the price :(. (Even if the file name was identical) 

it’s been fixed now. Thank you so much!!!

Hi 1earth! Would you like more meaty hints, or just the straight up answers? Either way, you can email me at and let me know. Thanks!

Hi Haythem! I remember you! Thank you for being so invested in our games! ^_^

I agree with almost everyone you want to romance, except I'd personally add Chuck to the list. lol. Also, if you're interested, I left a comment above to Nymrod addressing Adam's "controllability". Hopefully that helps alil.

Heh I've gotten ALOT of feedback and desire for some kind of Abzi route. It feels like a missed opportunity at this point alil =p

Oh OK, whew! I'm relieved!

Haha LMA has always been more focused on the horror/thriller aspect, but it is an erotic thriller so I don't think more smut would hurt. Heh! I've gotten sooo many requests for a scene with Abzi in some way. But I'm torn, as Mitsatso from AMAP, stated quite truly that no matter what I did/wrote, is there any way for Abzi to really live up to expectations? It's almost better to leave it to the imagination. =)

Anyways Nymrod, thank you for the feedback! The initial plan was to have Adam's behavior (mostly how he speaks) change depending on the choices you make. So he could get more sarcastic or "mean". Which would open up more situations to him, that wouldn't be available if he had stayed so "pure".  But due to complexity, I had to curtail that. 

But next time, I also really like that idea. Adam(2) is a great character in that I think I was able to write him "blankly" enough, but still give him enough character. However, I'd agree in that it'd be nice if players had more control in his actions. For example, perhaps users could date other characters aside from Evander. etc.

Happy Sunday Funday Bsgbsm!

Thank you for loving the game as much as you do! But mainly, thank you for the amazing critique/ideas for the game. I really LOVE, for example, the ideas for new and expanded endings and storylines. Particularly the one you suggested where you can get Jon to betray the others. He was already pretty close anyways, if not for the influence and his loyalty to John. I can totally see that being a 9th ending or outcome. =)

That said, you're super insightful. Would you be willing to perhaps test/playthrough future titles and provide similar feedback? I have a short list of really trusted playthrough-ers, but I'd love to add you to the list . If that interests you, let me know!

PS. I also like the idea of adding (new)route updates and improvements, after the game has shipped! Next time, a good idea, would be to add that to the schedule so it's accounted for and hopefully in scope.

hey Tim! Apologies that you’re stuck. The persons who tested the mobile builds for us were able to get past the 1st investigation. Is there an error provided, or is it just that you can’t find all the clues?

lol it’s...not great UX 😅

Hi Boop!

Thanks for the feedback! At this time it's probably too late for us to implement a change like that. I just feel like it would be alittle too risky.

However, your comment has already made me think of a solution. One that I will utilize going into future games. :)

Huh, that's odd Sandpixie. Then I checked...its abit of a UX/UI problem. You actually have to *click* on the build you want, and it's kinda unintuitive:

Let me know if that helps!



Aw, don't cry!

But honestly, it was my pleasure CxG. Bara in the west is one thing, but we need more lgbt-centric horror games in general. :)  So I loved your fervor and support for the game and the genre! I cant wait to watch the vids tonight. 

Aww, thank you Vitoco! There's 8 Endings in total. Try not to pass up the "True End".

Aw, hello Haythem! Hmm, I don't want to give it away, but what I will say is...

There is 1 ending that does "involve" Tad, but probably not the way you'd want.

Haha good catch Rubicante! Timmy Rocket is def based partially on him. Hence the similarity in stage name. 

Thanks Deev! LEt me know when you're done and mightve snagged a few endings or so. Love to pick your brain on it :)

Hi Sandpixie! The donation I believe is separate from the actual purchase.

Make sure you buy the game for the base $17.99 and only if you want to donate, you can do so after/as well.

i think Itch is alittle confusing on that it asks for the donation first? Don’t donate the full cost of the game, that won’t unlock it. It should give you an option to purchase after 🙂

hey Amy! I believe donations are separate from purchases. So for instance you probably paid via PayPal (but it does give the option to donate on top of the base price). Does that make sense/help?

Omgosh I really hope it meets your expectations Haythem!!!

IKR Vitoco!!! I...I can't believe it! >_<

I'd recommend playing it in chunks anyways. At least, that's how I tend to play my VN' "chapter". Or wherever there's a good feeling stopping point/scene.

Anyhow, thank you for your support Whitefang! I really hope it lives up to your expectations!!! >_<

haha I refer to it as LMA. 

But Aw thank you 🙏🏽!

omgosh heh no date yet obv. My goal is only to ever do sequels to my games IF an amazing plot comes to mind and is worth telling. I’ll never do a sequel just to do one, I’ve decided. 👍🏽

Hi Unruly! Aw, why thanks. but it certainly doesnt feel that way ^_^;

LMA2 has been about 1.5yrs in dev now (solo dev) and I feel super lucky to have gotten it out this fast, AND not be totally burnt out.

I really hope you enjoy the game! 

Hey Art! I appreciate your enthusiasm! 

At this time, I've already had a few folks test and look for bugs, typos, story loopholes etc. And so far, at 5 days before release, we look *really* good (bug-free).

But I'd love to keep you in mind for next time! If you'd like, email me here: . And drop my your email so I can reach out to you for official testing next time. :)



Nice! Our first Bara Jam 2020 RPG! I know in our dev Server that I've seen at least 1-2 other RPGMaker entries in progress. As a former RPGMaker enthusiast, Im really looking forward to playing these with their gay/bara angle. Mmm <3

Hey Haythem! Sorry for the late reply!

Glad you finished finished but also LOVED the demo. I can't believe you played the demo twice! (checking to see what happens if you pick diff options huh). That makes me so happy! 

Tad will be fav to a few/many an LMA2 player I'm sure. He has that whole daddy authoritarian vibe to him, which I'm sure certain folks are into. ^_^   He has a big role in LMA2's story, so don't worry! You'll interact with him alot. lol