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Hi Wolfy,

That's a new one. Hmm, I haven't had anyone encounter/report that before. Would you be able to send some screenshots? Please send them to

Typically, any errors encountered by players have been from users who've played the demo version and either:

- Saved the full version right over the demo folder structure. Then ran the .exe
- Used or copied a save file from the demo version into the full version. Then ran the .exe and loaded that save.

Unfortunately, the demo and it's save files are not compatible with the full version. The solution all users have found, was by using a clean install of the full version and a clean save. (do not use the demo saves. If you have the demo  along with the full version, you may also need to fully delete the demo off your system)

Soulsoft EA

Actually, the game is a full game. However, it is fairly short. Well, each route individually is anyways. If you combine all 3 in total, it isn't nearly so short.

A sequel is an interesting idea. Tbh I've never considered it before. But now...

Hi Nunalto! Awww! I'm sorry Polar's route was...well..."polarizing". lol

Tbh, yes his route is probably one if, if not the most melancholy one. In terms of the endings themselves...there is no definitive document stating what happens in each. But I can tell you that there are 11 endings in total.

With most, if not all, of the LI's having a "best" and "good/OK" ending. There are bad ends, friendships ends as well as a funny joke ending. I hope you find one that pleases you more than the Polar one. =)

Hey Bruno! Sorry for the EXREMELY late reply. I hope you're safe and doing well during this crazy pandemic. It's weird cause I always reply to my comments withing a week, but I swear I've received no notifications from itch, regarding messages for Bara Boarders. Strange! Especially since I've received emails about new comments regarding LMA and other titles.

That said, at this time, there are no plans to bring Bara Boarders to Android. Mainly cause I'm unsure how exactly to do that. lol 

Sooo I was abit skeptical, cause I've never played this kinda game before. And it looks like a really sinister calculator lol. (I'm terrible at math btw).

But I was HOOKED (But I guess that's the point of mood altering medicines?) and surprisingly so. This game is fun af.

I wish there was music! Something dark, trippy maybe? The messages were amazing btw. 

All-in-all I made $66k. Not sure how ppl made MILLIONS! You crazy. I'm gonna try to make at least $1Mil now.

Hey Biis! 

Awww, honestly it really makes me feel good when awesome ppl like you stop by and say something about DSG-R. :)

Let's MEAT Adam, is by far my most popular VN, but DSG holds a special place in my heart as the first VN I ever made, my baby. <3  Just FYI, DSGR doesn't veer very far from the original, although its more polished this remake and the Jaja Route. But I'm sure it's been so long since you've played that you won't recall much, and so it won't be boring. 

Let me know what you think of the remake! I'd love to hear your thoughts on it, Biis. ^_^

(PS. the DSG2 demo...I still have it as well. I'd like the idea of finishing it someday. But I need the real drive for it, and not just cause i feel like I should. Hopefully someday!)

Hey Everyone! (Friends and Followers) :)

I've finally decided to break my longstanding avoidance of Twitter! lol:

So come join and follow me there, and so I can follow you as well! I'll still update via but going forward my Twitter will be the place to the get the latest on our upcoming secret game! (Yes! Something has been in development for awhile!)

There's no posts...yet, and going forward, here's what to expect:

  • I'm seriously really bad at social media-ing, so please dont be upset if I don't/can't reply to a DM or comment right away.
  • Right now, I'm not taking commissions, but if it interests me enough...i might consider it. So ask away! =)
  • Expect at least 1-2 posts a week once I get ramped up. What kind of content do you want to see?
  • My Twitter is not marked as Adult (for now)
  • I'm looking to connect with other Bara Illustrators and Artists! <3

Thank you to all our followers, I'm truly humbled and thankful.

-Jay of Soulsoft Electronic Arts

Can you give us context into specifics of which characters have new paths/extended routes?

Are there any brand new character paths aside from Xilantro, Uncle and Blacksmith?

Hi Pau! Just wanted to pop by and thank you for the submission...despite how nervewracking you claim it was. lol

It was short, but I admit I was intrigued and found myself trying various choices to see where the story was taking me. I especially liked the goodlooking 3d models for the sprites. I did wish they had multiple changing expressions. Regardless, you have a really strong dev team!

I also really liked the textbox and UI. It fit, and I was able to see the vision of how aesthetically all of this might tie together once polished. 

That said, I did wish there was music. But otherwise I was captivated during my short run of Walkietoon. :)

Hey Mica Manticore!

Happy holidays and upcoming New Years! I hope you've been well. =)   I just noticed that you have the final episode of LMA up haha. I'm going to watch it asap, now that I'm on vacation until Jan.6th.

I was wondering if you could help me? I noticed in some of your vids, while playing LMA and speaking as "The Host", you use this really cool voice altering effect. How did you do that exactly, or could you point me to the tutorial that explains using the effect?

Thanks so much for playing and hope to hear from you soon!

Oh haha, yes sfx (like moaning/groaning and splurts are uh...distracting lol) but I was more meaning like background music of the game having it's own OST.

Of course, and thank you Alix for a "Snake In My Bed"! Another one I'll def be giving a playthrough during my xmas vacay. =D

Awww thanks Touha! I'm so touched and honored to hear you say that. ^_^  So glad to see you participate this year and, like you, I'm on Christmas vacay until Jan.6th so I'll def be playing Threesome's The Charm (as Denny though of course. Duhhh! Cutest) before then.

Of course! This jam is something I started out last year very hesitantly, but so glad it's found it's feet with a ton more support than 2018. =)

Thanks for being such an integral part to the Discord and the English Bara community Rob!

Hi Crun,

To echo Touha, the game is of course very short atm...but it does give a good enough preview of what to expect/what's to come. I assume Polish is your native language, as there were a few English mistakes here and there...but nothing bad enough to make the dialogue confusing.

I really wanted to checkup on Rigel's fishing <3 but alas his route isnt ready yet. Despite me having seen some hot art on discord here and there. Hurry and have his route started!!! =p

Anyways the art style is what's really selling the game for me rn. So much personality!  Also I was wondering *why* it was called "North Star" and that question was answered rather quickly lol.

Still blown away by the power and versatility of Renpy in the hands of someone who really knows what the code is doing, and how to bend it to their will. 

Although not a deep narrative driven VN, "Yags:Booty Call" is apparently canon to the later end portion of YAGS and somewhat of an extension of its narrative after the events in its predecessor have finished.

Fast to fun minigames, with the right amount of lewdness should make YAGS and Dan fans happy. As Dan seems to be the central character now.

Hi CervineP!

I finished Marigold last night and got the 3 endings out of the 5-6 I think? I always however consider my 1st ending as my "true" end (the one I would've gotten irl). I ended up getting the "Expected Response" End first.

The game was short but sweet with a decidedly melancholy feel throughout. Its something I def want to have in my next VN. You said this was a prelude to another one of your games, correct?

Hi Rob, I know I've said this before but I must be terrible at ROGUE because I cant for the life of my navigate the game without the walkthrough lol. Admittedly it does get abit better further into the game, but that could be cause I got more accustomed to the Use/Combine system?

Overall, I am really impressed with how polished your game was! I don't know if GameMaker does these kinds of games easily, but it seems there was so much system work done. The art itself is great too. I like the "Alpha" cowboy fantasy here...this cool fantasy that even by simple need of dominance, a total (normally) unattainable hunk would be interested in me. lol

Hey Caesar!

Just finished playing your game and I ended up having the Xilantro route (barbarian). It was a short cute story with the right amount of muscly sexy smutness to keep me going.

I felt like the pacing was great, although near the end it got abit fast/abrupt imo. I really wouldve enjoyed some music too. But the ending more than madeup for it and the pixelart was adorable. <3 so glad you joined BJ20!

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Now that the frantic dust has settled...happy to report that BARAJAM 2019 was a rousing success and is officially over as of late last night!!! 20 Entries is MASSIVE compared to 2018, in which we doubled our entries/presence and then some. 

THANK YOU sooo much to everyone here who submitted an entry, and/or was just part of the community bringing eachother up and cheering from the sidelines. 

I encourage anyone playing these games to leave praise, feedback and constructive criticisms on the game pages of each submission or their authors social medias. The goal of BARA JAM was and is always to bolster the presence of western/english bara games and to build a great community and devs who are passionate about our muscly content and bringing more of that to light!  

Special SHOUTOUT to BobCGames, Ezombo, and Bishounen-P...the amazing CoHost team for 2019. Without you all and your advice, engagement and positivity throughout the job would've been impossible. THANK YOU!

Best and see you next year,


PS. Personally, I think BJ growing a beard this year had something to do with the booosssttt of entries this year. Bigger beard in 2020!!!

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Haha hey Wolf! I finally played your game. I dunno if Rob mentioned it...but man Im sure he's very proud. This turned out really well, Im so sorry I'm only getting to try it right now. The music is also spot on.

Tbh I thought the controls were abit confusing at first, the "sweet spot" part made me think he had particular hotspots that he enjoyed and to find them. I think however, its random or completely not based on the image(razix) himself?

At first I thought it was his tail, as I was getting some white circles there. I totally failed the 1st time. 2nd time and after reading comments, it seems its completely rhythm based? Perhaps if Razix himself spoke some clues that could help. Anyways, well done! :)

Hi Zeus! Just played Bayou Bara Game (3x!) and I could tell I got pretty hooked (no pun intended). You really have a knack for making me want to chase after a golden good ending...if there even is one in this game. How many endings are there? I think if you had a "Ending #3 of 8" or something at the end of a path, it would really help.

 I liked the atmosphere of the game, the decidedly somber mood, sound design, especially the character designs! Curious, what ethnicity/nationality is Benji? :)

Anyways, the thing I liked best was that instead of it being a game/VN where you chase after a love, in this one you start with one. It's about the love, the work, the commitment and trust that go into staying together...despite a terrible tragedy and/or terror. Well done, thank you! 

Hey Touha!

You may have joined abit late, but there's still time and if you keep your scope short and small. You can still come up with some thing amazing I'm sure. Remember also, that demo's are fine as submissions. And you're correct, there's NEVER enough bara! ;)

(That should be BARAJAM's cach phrase next year, don't you think? lol)

Hi all BARAJAM-2019 participants! 

Many of you I know are hard at work at making hard bodies work in your BJ Game Submissions! 

Now that we are at the halfway point, I'd like to showcase some of your various games' progress and share them to the rest of the community on the official BaraJam Twitter...and more! :)

If you'd like to be featured or wouldn't mind being...please email me at, with some screenshots, links, videos and some copy about your game!

~FIGHTING!!! You can do it!

Why thank you!

And congratulations are deserved on your part SCREAM...a whopping 73 entries into SCREAM JAM! That's simply amazing!

I hope someday we are able to come close to just a high amount of games!

Whaaaa I didnt know you guys (HeyPau and RobColton) were a team! Apologies to the rest of the team, I know these 2 as they're very active on the Bara Devs discord, but I look foward to learning more about you guys as well! :)

I've seen a bunch of sprite work and I'm really interested to see how this game plays out! I am originally Canadian...+, used to love RPG Maker and work in it ++, and finally... Post Apocalyptic stories +++!!!

Hi there PurpleBear!

SoulsoftEA here, and thank you for your submission to BaraJam 2019 of "I Can't Wait to be a Class Rep"! 

We are always happy to have more bara content! This jam was created to raise awareness and help build more on an English bara game dev scene. We, and the jam, are very relaxed...however some concerns were expressed on the validity of your submission.

In the spirit of the jam, we allowed a pre-registration month (Sept) for people to hear about it, form teams, ideation and even development. Oct1st - Nov.30th, is work/jam time.

Projects already started before the jam pre-registration are still eligible, as long as dev work was done during the pre-reg period (and onwards) and said work is of a significant quality.

ie. A new Chapter added, new routes, updated sprites, GUI overhaul, new endings...etc.

"I Can't Wait to be a Class Rep" seems to have been finished and created years ago, and was also submitted to several other jams. Can you please let us know what additions were made during the jam period that can qualify your game?

Email me at

Thank you! =)

Congratulations! And thank you for your BJ2019 submission Kaimaki! (I won't mention your discord name in case it's different for a reason ;) )

Why thank you Scream! I mean we already have 2 submissions, of real impressive caliber imo. So the jam is off to a great start!

What jam are you currently running? :)

Oh Im sorry to hear that. =(

What's your Discord name on the BJ Discord? I'd like to check on your recruitment post. Perhaps you weren't able to express enough about your project to have people feel like they could step in easily? 

Hey JR! Have you joined the BARA JAM Discord? There is a #recruitment channel there, where you can post for offers or look through who else is seeking and reach out to them. :)

Well if your Gorilla avatar is evidence of something you drew, than I'd say you are in pretty good  shape!

Its ok, I know my way around Renpy *kinda* decently but I've 100% ALWAYS had to have some guidance by a coder eventually. We have tons of talented coders and just all around smart folk who can lend a helping hand or ear. :)

BARA JAM 2019 community · Created a new topic JAM...ON!

Hey everyone! Wow did September and Pre-Registration to this years BARA JAM, just fly by! 

Just a friendly reminder that the jam has officially started! YAY!!! Beginning now we encourage you to invite, plan, recruit (if you haven't already) or fly solo, dev and even submit!

Don't forget you can submit your entry at any time from now until the very last day of the jam itself.

So please hit up your social medias and spread the good word that BARA JAM is on again and invite anyone to join that you think has an interest and positive vibes.


Soulsoft EA

Definitely Scream! Tbh I was feeling like the 2nd year running was going to depend entirely on the success of the 1st. Imo year 1 went AMAZING for a 1st time jam of its kind, and although entries were small in quantity, the quality of them was astounding for a 1month long jam.

So enter 2019, I was about 75-80% sure we'd run the jam again...but I just got so many enthusiastic people asking about it before hand, I didn't have the heart to not continue the tradition.

Are you partaking?  =)

Hey FireFunky! Sorry about the delayed reply...I've been totally focused on work and Host duties for BARAJAM 2019 =D

Glad you were able to remedy the issue! In the past alot of those issues have been form users continuing the game off the Demo Save file. The demo and final product save files are incompatible. That's my guess at least. Hope you enjoy LMA! 

I have the feeling Karthik and Nikhil are going to be easy favorites for the jam. =p  So glad you're able to participate this year! Are you all good for team members or are you solo'ing this entry?

Btw, the sexy chef is "BJ"...he is appropriately our very own mascot. ;)

After a successful first year, we're running BaraJam again this year, now with an extended submission time.

BaraJam 2019 is a two-month jam that starts on October 1, 2019 and ends on November 30, 2019, dedicated to the creation of male and/or male-relationship focused games that feature the "bara" influence.

All genres of games are welcome (not just visual novels), and the jam is open to all interested participants regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

More information can be found on the official jam page:

If you're interested in participating, or just hanging out and seeing what other people are working on, we also have a Discord server that you're welcome to join.

We're happy to answer any questions here as well.