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I finished the demo and I loved the game, in which social medias can I follow the development of the game? And when there will be another version of it?

Is there any sex scene?

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Hello!! I need help, im playing the last update and in the Darius' route, when we go to the arcades in the 18th day I got an error and Idk what can I do to solve it. It says that an unexpected error has ocurred. the fail is in the line 250 in the script I think, it says something like that... Some help?

I would like to know if someone knows with which characters u can have anal sex :v and when will the new are will be included in the free version. Ty

What does the new update has that hasnt the last one?

PLEASEEE I need help :(((. I've been playing for 3 hours and enjoying the history but when I got to it's end I got the bad ending and I don't know what I did wrong. How can I get the good ending? Is there any specific choice or something? Help me please :'((