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ProLapse! I made a tool to make time lapses of my work. Maybe you will find it useful!

A topic by TeamLazerBeam created Mar 07, 2016 Views: 693 Replies: 13
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I made this tool cause I love making time lapses of my work but found chronolapse a little limited.
I thought I'd post it in case some else finds it useful!
I'd love to hear your thoughts on it if you do try it!


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Timelapse from yesteday

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Marshmellow Prolapse :D

Hey TeamLazerBeam...

I just used the tool to capture my LD35 work. It wasn't able to convert the set of files to AVI (probably driver error) and when I went to re-open the tool and my session, there wasn't any session to open. I have all of my screen grabs and was wondering if there was a way to get those images into the tool for rendering without opening a session file. Any help would be appreciated as finding another tool to import 14,000 PNGs into would be a pain. :)

Thanks in advance.


Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I solved my problem. I apparently switches the location where the images are stored while a session was open and paused. So the session file was fine but the images were split between two locations. I combined those images in a common directory and all worked fine. Operator error!

I loved being able to set the time of the resulting render. It worked great.

That's awesome to hear! Sorry we couldn't help you first, but very glad you could solve the problem and are enjoying the software.

Link us to your lapse!

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Here ya go.


Hope you and Prolapse have many more good jams together!


I'm not sure if the name ProLapse is smart to use, if you search a bit online you'll find out that it's a term to describe...well, just look it up. You won't be pleased.


Thanks for looking out for us Kenney! Believe it or not the name ProLapse was chosen with a full awareness of the medical term!

but why

It's funny.