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The Moon Fields

Super 64-Bit Sword & Sorcery Action Adventure & PvP · By lunarsignals

Introduction Thread Sticky

A topic by lunarsignals created Dec 14, 2017 Views: 772 Replies: 15
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Hi all,

I'm trying to stir up some conversations.  Please feel free to post here or join the discord. For here I think it'd be a good start to introduce ourselves and how we got acquainted with The Moon Fields or a memory of the first time you saw the game. I've been bringing this game out on tour, and I've got a ton of great memories of different events (please see PCGamer writeup!), so I'd love to be able to tag faces with itch handles.

Anyways, I'm Raphael Azcueta. I've been making games forever as a hobby. I love old Japanese arcade games, RPGs, action adventures, Quentin Tarantino, Wu-Tang, Double Dragon 2, and all kinds of food. Obviously, I'm the developer of The Moon Fields. I'm actually the only developer (outside of a musician I'm hopefully hiring). TMF is my first game, and initially it was supposed to be a 2D overhead action adventure similar to Zelda, but, obviously, it grew up into something else. I'm from Milwaukee, so I've been touring the game throughout the Midwest, and hopefully other places throughout 2018.

I guess I'll leave you with a GIF of how TMF looked all the way back when it was 2D. :-p


I think I remember seeing this GIF back when you first posted it on the internet. It looked great then, and--of course--the game's looking better now.  (I still think the rain effect in this looks really rad.)


Thanks man. Was this Select Button, TIGSource, SA, twitter or something I'm not recalling....?


Select Button!


Yeaaaaaah buddy


I've never seen it in 2D, that looks pretty tight.

First time I played was at GlitchCon this year. Game's addicting, haha.


Wow, GlitchCon seems so long ago. Dude, are there any cool Minneapolis events coming up? I'm interested in making the drive up. Also, did ya'll apply to Indie Arcade?


Gamecraft/Global Game Jam is coming up. We didn't apply for Indie Arcade this year.

You totally should! Here's the link:



Are you doing GGJ? The guy running the old GGJ I used to do isn't doing it anymore, so I'm looking for a new spot

Yep, I'll be there.


Hi, I'm Ross. In Milwaukee also and first saw The Moon Fields at one of the 42 Ale House game dev events. Since then I've had the pleasure to play it a number of times, have won a few times, and am slowly learning some of the more in-depth techniques -- along with all that, it's been fun to watch development progress. Most recently I picked up a copy in a desperate attempt to dominate future playtests (or at least escape the shame of drop-bombing myself)


Hey all, just saw this game on reddit and came to check it out. Just watched a ton of videos and I'm so in. I am more of a local player though haha, not sure if I'll challenge anyone online anytime soon. I've wanted a game like this for a long time; isometric, fast paced skill gameplay, and lots of different character builds. I do have a lot of questions and... not suggestions, as I know nothing about how hard things would be, but wishes maybe? 

Questions - little confused about the lack of any ui, is there about reason for that? No health shown or anything at all? Also single player seems hard to find info on. Is there anything to be said about that?

Wishes - it would be cool if characters themselves were a bit more different. Stat changes are good and all, but maybe different movement styles, sprint speeds, jumps, dashes, or other little things to differentiate them a bit would be cool. Maybe a little talent tree or something as you gain experience with them? Idk. As for weapons, I looove earth element stuff. Not sure if it's possible but I'd love earth themed weapons, like magic that would allow you to throw a boulder that would stay in the environment as a destructible object/collision,  and you could hit it again to launch it in a direction. Love to use it as being able to create cover for the caster. 

Either way I love the game, even as is. Gonna be following it closely!


Whoa how did I miss this post? We're usually in the discord: . Glad you can be here @rhinox!! Let's answer your questions:

re: Health - player health is indicated by the amount of time spent flashing. The faster you're flashing the closer to death you are. No one flashes at max health, and everyone flashes the same at 1HP and (Max Health - 1) HP. Inbetween is a gradient.

re: Single Player - it's coming! I usually talk about stuff on my twitter or the discord. Single player is going to be like the original NES Legend of Zelda. You'll start with a few characters and items and you'll search a big overworld + dungeons for other characters/items to reequip at basecamps. New items/characters will open up different methods of traversal throughout the world. I'm planning on having random seeds to redistribute characters/items so that you can play it over and over again.

re: Wishes - this is a good list! I will be emphasizing player difference via the stat system, but I do love the idea of earth element stuff. Physicality is really one of my favorite things in the game, and I think a boulder type attack could both mimic and contrast the Book of Barriers really well.


Still looks amazing, hope all is going well...