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Missed playing this at The Cooperage the other day -- but got a chance here. Really cool! Haha I was going to stop at 100 deaths but that came pretty fast :)

Excellent game!

Neat to see the focus put on research/exploring rather than conquering. An interesting idea well done!

Right now my standard is Vancer with whaleBlade, dropBombs, one of the bows, and barricade shield. Depending how people counter the whaleBlade, I'm thinking I might to get better with one of the faster swords though... And my be-annoying build is Drifter with speed potion and a ton of dropBombs. 

Oh, also -- would it be possible to assign the items to custom buttons on the controller? For example, I like having the shield on right-trigger -- but right now if I switch to a character with only 3 items then I'm out of luck. 

My very first initial reaction to the game was that I was daunted by the number of items. (When I do play games, I tend to play ones that present themselves very simply like N++ or Spelunky). Now that I'm a little more comfortable, I do like what that aspect of the game allows -- I suppose kinda a 2-pronged (bident?) approach to winning:

1. Learn to choose better items for the particular situation.

2. Get better at the mechanics of using those items.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the game a lot -- and it was especially cool to see that PcGamer article!

Bolt Javelin sounds sweet. Looking forward to trying it.

Whip -- awesome.

Kinda like the idea of fireworks  -- yeah, maybe high-stun and no or little damage. Maybe it just chaotically shoots around -- like 4 different missiles fly out simultaneously -- a bit of a dice roll as to whether it actually hits what you're aiming at (and may even hits yourself). Then because it's more of a dice roll as opposed to heavily skill-based, it'd allow beginners to wield it nearly as well as more-skilled players. So it'd look really impressive which would probably be fun for beginner players. But also it would have a low chance of causing much damage -- so it wouldn't annoy the better players too much.

Smoke Bomb would make some fun strategies, I think. I assume that a smoke bomb would occlude the characters and the environment underneath. I wonder about that versus something like "invisible potion" -- which would make the player who takes it nearly invisible.

One thing about throwables -- I do wonder if a hold-and-release-to-throw button mechanic would be worth trying for throw strength? Neutral, tilt, or air could then be used for some other throw-variation. (number of items thrown? curvature of the throw? etc)

For team-play especially, I wonder about something like trip-lines (which could be jumped over)

Hi, I'm Ross. In Milwaukee also and first saw The Moon Fields at one of the 42 Ale House game dev events. Since then I've had the pleasure to play it a number of times, have won a few times, and am slowly learning some of the more in-depth techniques -- along with all that, it's been fun to watch development progress. Most recently I picked up a copy in a desperate attempt to dominate future playtests (or at least escape the shame of drop-bombing myself)