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The Moon Fields

Super 64-Bit Sword & Sorcery Action Adventure & PvP · By lunarsignals

Impressions & General Chat

A topic by lunarsignals created Oct 18, 2017 Views: 719 Replies: 10
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This is the chill thread to talk about your initial impressions or general chat for the game.

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PC Gamer wrote an article about The Moon Fields because it's awesome and cool and really really good and amazing.


A couple friends of mine do a podcast out of Minneapolis called Nice Games Club and they have a special edition where they talk about intersections between indie and fighting games. In addition to a few minutes devoted to The Moon Fields they get pretty insightful on breadth vs depth and Smash Bros.


My very first initial reaction to the game was that I was daunted by the number of items. (When I do play games, I tend to play ones that present themselves very simply like N++ or Spelunky). Now that I'm a little more comfortable, I do like what that aspect of the game allows -- I suppose kinda a 2-pronged (bident?) approach to winning:

1. Learn to choose better items for the particular situation.

2. Get better at the mechanics of using those items.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the game a lot -- and it was especially cool to see that PcGamer article!


Thanks Ross!

The "flow" of the game is totally supposed to make you choose between learning how to use certain items better vs. picking different items altogether. I'm curious what kind of items/characters/builds you're happiest with at the moment?

Right now my standard is Vancer with whaleBlade, dropBombs, one of the bows, and barricade shield. Depending how people counter the whaleBlade, I'm thinking I might to get better with one of the faster swords though... And my be-annoying build is Drifter with speed potion and a ton of dropBombs. 


Check out this interview from the first Indie Arcade:


PCGamer's Guide to the PC games of 2018 yeaaah


Stumpt Gamers did a let's play!!! 


Madison arts & culture online rag wrote a thing about Indie Arcade 2

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Haven't heard anything about this game in a second but I loved what I played and I'm still really excited for the singleplayer mode! I played a bunch of local multiplayer with friends shortly after the time the November 2018 update arrived, but ultimately slowed down and haven't really picked it up for a bit because I was having issues with getting consistent controller mapping among the various controllers I was using at any given point. I mostly tried to use two XInput controllers along with a Mayflash Gamecube controller adapter in PC Mode. Either type of controller worked fine independently, but I had to run through Steam's controller interface and deal with weird mappings on the Mayflash adapter if I wanted to use both types at once.

If it's sensible to implement, I really like the idea of a more detailed options menu - perhaps sliders for things like bloom and texture resolution, or an ingame controller config menu? In a competitive setting I definitely understand wanting to minimize potential variances in terms of performance between different installations of the game, but for local games I geek out on that sort of stuff.

I'm also a bit unclear on how the stage-ban system works - if you play on random, banned stages still show up sometimes during play. Could a random-stage-select toggle on a per-stage basis be implemented?

Options aside - in terms of gameplay, my favorite build was generally The Fool with a broadsword, kite shield, jump boot, throwing bombs, throwing goo, and the item bag.  Mostly I went that route for versatility - my mixup options were really varied, so if I kept track of other players, I found that most things that I had trouble with in that setup were simple attack-a-lot-and-move-really-fast or particularly good ranged  magic users. If I could just get a couple of direct hits with the bombs or catch someone with the goo and then ignite them with a bomb, I'd have a pretty easy time dispatching foes. I don't play online a ton, so I'm not sure how that stacks up as compared to other users' experiences,  but I'd love to see more content! Really good game thus far. ☺