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31 unmarked games

thirty-one games by droqen, in a simulated cassette tape wonderland · By droqen

Share your cassette covers / albums here :)

A topic by droqen created Nov 01, 2021 Views: 591 Replies: 5
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Developer (1 edit)

What's your favourite game?

What did you design its cover to look like?


I'll post some of mine soon, when I have recovered post-#droqtober!

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So none of the games have official names so I'm calling this one


I still have 20 games left but so far this is my favorite.

Also your game is cool and I like it. 

Good Job!


I love this Sticker Simulator mechanic very much. Here are some of mine!!! <3 


Here are some of mine, i think my favorite game might be the bucket robot one


i liked cat game the best
also cycle boy

Developer (1 edit)

These are all beautiful.

Jack, I love the delicate storytelling in all of these... I think the one you made for GATE 20 is my favourite right now. really cool framing.

(Also I think the name CYCLE BOY is great. Makes me wonder: have any of you found the secrets in it? >w> maybe ive said too much already...)