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Hahaha it was all part of our plan, glad you learned how to use it :) 

Well, cooked goldie makes a lot of smell that goes up. Isn't there anything there that could help you get the smell towards the sleeply cat?

Muchas gracias!! :)

Aaaww gracias!
Jaja sí, pasa que no es una nostalgia de un tiempo perdido sino de un recuerdo compartido :) me alegra que transmita eso, me pone re feliz tu comentario :)

Muchas gracias!! 

Muchas gracias!! La re pensé a la de la guitarrita, por lo menos para el pasaje donde Lito hace su canción (que encima es una parodia de Butter-Fly de Digimon y la re sé tocar) pero la verdad que estaba muy contrareloj jaja. 

Gracias! =)

Literal me mandaron varias capturas de ese pasaje riéndose jaja =D

Aaaaw gracias! Me pone muy contenta saber eso! 

Gracias! Sí, estoy contenta de haber llegado a submitear algo. Estuve toda la semana como mentora y a último momento me dieron ganas de hacer algo yo también. Ver a todas trabajando me motivó jaja =)

¡Todo reparado! Muchas gracias por todo =)

Aaww gracias!! 

Thanks! I love minimal too haha <3 

Awww gracias! <3 

HAHAHA I think it was like the first thing I drew in the jam 'cause I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Thanks a lot! <3 <3 

The idea is amazing, the graphics are awesome, so expressive and well designed. 
When it starts crying, I want to hug it so much T.T

Tho it's VERY laggy on my laptop, it could use a bit of optimization.

Thanks so much!! 
Oohhh you made the dinosaur game!! It's amazing! 
So cool that we though about the same concept, tho our games are very different. 

Hey, yeah, that's a nice idea! 
Thanks for playing <3 

Ohh yeah, we all need a red birdy from time to time haha. 
Thanks so much for your support! <3 <3 

Aww, thanks for your kind words <3 

Thanks a lot! <3 
I've rated your game, it's really fun!

Very fun! I got 7650 points, I missed some aliens. I liked the mixture of tower defense and space shooting. The intro was a bit long, maybe if you could actually try out the controlls in the intro would feel better, and it'd work as a tutorial. 

Great job!

We hadn't though about making it bigger than this, but some friends of ours told us the same, so, we're thinking about it haha
Thanks for playing! :D 

^ What my partnert said, haha. 

Thanks for playing! :D 

Yeah, we'll upload the fixed version after the voting. Thanks for playing and your feedback! :D 

Ohh thanks a lot! :D
It really means a lot for us that people can feel related <3 

Really sorry about the spelling! English is not our first language, and tho we use it all the time, when writing fast these things happen. We only noticed some grammar errors once we had already published :( But we'll correct it once the voting is finished. 
Also, I love the idea of the different text colors! We'll implement that later on :D 

Well, the programmer already answered, so all I have left for saying is Thank You! <3 

Thanks! :D :D 

Thanks! :D 
Yeah, it'd be nice to make a secuel or something with more activities and mechanics :D 

I agree with that, it is actually a bit frustrating for me too, but it was the idea. These kind of situations are all about patience ^^' 
We though about it more like an interactive experience than an actual game, tho it'd be nice to make a more "gaming" version, more fun to play. 
Thanks for your feedback, it's really useful! <3 

Thank you! <3 

Hi! Thanks!! :D 
Actually it's better if you play calmly and wait for the racoon so it doesn't get more nervous and the light goes out, but I REALLY like your idea a lot! It could be a nice twist, maybe for another adventure of Racoon and Birdy. 

And the typo, yeah, it's because "comfort" is written "confort" in spanish and we got confused. We didn't realize up until it was already published D: 
We'll correct it once the voting ends :) 

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Will it be a free game? If it is, sure! But you must give credit ^^

We could like, totally man. We're both writers. We could take shifts once a month or so. It could be useful to other devs!

Same here, but you can claim it and download it with your normal browser :) 

Hi! I loved the game, it's really fun to play! 

I write a weekly column on indie games, and today your game was the one featured! It's in spanish, as we are an argentinian media, but I'm sure you can easly translate with your browser. Thanks for the fun!

Muchas gracias!!! :) :)

Jaja qué bueno! Era la idea que fuera gracioso :) 
Muchas gracias!