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Aaaaaawww merci beaucoup!!! <3 
I'm super glad you're enjoying it so much. And happy that you could feel the connection between the mechanics and what's happening in the story, like what you said about the breathing :D 
And yeah, the prototype was made in a week, while this game took us three months aprox. It was a good experiencie to have that proto, cause we could organize work in a more precise way, having already conceived a core idea/aesthetics/ etc :D 


Now reached the end, I agree with iceninexp, the moth catching was a bit tedious, because you literally have to go through the whole body again, but, it was still interesting enough to see it through to the end.

I've got the feeling you guys are really on to something and if you could polish this even more and extend it even further, going through all parts of the body, performing all kinds of tasks, linked to things happening in the life of Tilda, you could make an awesome full-sized game.

Go for it! :-)