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Quite a nice game! Good atmosphere, nice teamwork. Nicely done. However, when I try to enter the lab, after the color puzzle, I don't skip to the next level, even when I walk to the end of the corridor with both characters. It seems that I am walking below the screen afterwards, because I do see the screen scrolling sideways when I keep walking left or right.

Thanks for the hint, worked indeed, apparently I did not hit the 'F' button while mashing ;-)

What are the controls for pushing the buttons on the colored symbol puzzle? I've been mashing some buttons to try, but after the first two switches I couldn't reproduce anymore.

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Looks really great, nice music, atmosphere and everything, but somehow I can't properly control her. Might be me, but I'm having trouble combining the Z, X and C actions and it doesn't seem to respond really well when clinging to the wall for instance. I'm not super skilled at platformers, but also not a complete dork and still the controls annoy the crap out of me. So, sorry, quitting here, got until level 3 with a lot of tries though.

Kind of a nice experience, having trouble picking up weapons though, how should that work? I just started mashing Q, W and E and that seemed to work.

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When I come to  a question, all the answers are said out loud directly. Is that the idea, or should only the one I click be said?

Pretty cool game! Plays nicely, sometimes a bit wonky on the edges of platforms, but it really looks good. Especially liked the magical mushroom level, with the lit tunnel on the background. Boss fight was way to easy btw!

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Like it so far, controls work well, sound is also nice. One tip: Implement 'R' for Reset, then you don't have to use the mouse at all while playing.

Edit: A bit too easy perhaps, nice casual game nonetheless.

Haha, sorry, can't give any real hints, other than that I cast my line the furthest away. But I just caught some sort of secret fish on my first play, I think, although it seemed to be part of the game. and more of an indicator of what is to come. 

Can post a screenshot of it if you'd like.

In need of a spoiler? ;-)

For a test game it's a really good start I'd say, the whole visual style, characters, voices, etc are really distinctive, quite nice. If you make the gameplay a bit smoother and the talks skippable it's already a quick win.

I know that this is sort of an experimental website, but still, that's not really good release policy ;-)

It is indeed very unfinished, but it's a start ;-) One major bug I saw is that after dying and clicking restart, it seems the zombies from the previous round are still there, although they are invisible. I kept getting bitten by invisible zombies.

I like the idea and the game at first, but it is just too slow for me, lots of talking you can't skip and can't always properly hear, the movement is painfully slow, it kinda takes away the fun of playing, which is a pity, because it looks and sounds quite good. Got to ending 4/10 btw.

Simple, kinda nice, but there are some improvements to be made. For instance, quite often you start a conversation and it ends just when a kid pops up, giving you no chance to hide, because you can't stop the conversation and run away.

Also, sometimes, kids come from both sides, also not being able to hide from them. In other words, there's  a bit too much luck involved.

Only a download version, right? Can't play it directly on the website? It was under the HTML category, I do see a 'htmlbuild' download, but that's not really the idea, I think. Might give the download version a try later though ...

So, it's probably better if you actually put your game here as well ;-)

Not to diss you or anything, but how can you be confused by the controls?

That's indeed what you call a short arcade game :-) Really well executed though! Really solid basis to build more of a game upon. Higher difficulty, bigger levels perhaps, more intelligent enemies, etc ... Really good!

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It works great, but it's just too difficult for me, I'm not that patient anymore to practice it seems. I quit just after the guy saying some numbers. The cannon part after it got me quitting. It's me though, the game works flawlessly!

Oh, and I agree with Thrustball on this. It's just really annoying to do movement and actions with the same hand. I'd rather do movement with arrows (right hand) and then do the actions with (for instance) Z and X.

Is threat level 26 even remotely do-able?

Cool :-) Simple concept, but really well executed.

Really nice. Up until now I got frustrated with the submissions on this LD, but your game kept my interest. Apart from that, it looks good, plays well, is clever and the sound effects are nice too. Really nice effort!

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Clueless here, it looks weird, is weird, seems buggy as hell too. If I mix two Unicorns and start painting with the clone, all the other Unicorns are drained too. Then, I created like 15 different clones, went to the "Know your heroes" page and when I closed it, all my clones were gone. Positive note: I like the drawn Unicorns on that page!

Looks really good and is really faithful to the original. Well done! This game is still too fast for me though, also faithful to the original ;-)

Ah, right, completely missed that in the description to be honest. Glanced at it too quickly apparently. The dash definitely makes that part a lot easier, haha :-) Tutorial is not really needed as far as I'm concerned, but maybe others find that useful. I just need a pair of glasses ;-)

Pretty original game! Well executed, only the balancing seems a bit off, as said before. I liked it up until the level where the tractor-beam alien was introduced. That is way too hard and seems purely luck-based to be able to win. Haven't been able to after 10 tries. Perhaps I'll try again. But, really like everything else! Well done

Really good game. Nice backstory, cool visuals, it plays really well. If anything it might be a bit too easy. Could use a bit more puzzle elements perhaps. I kinda dislike the one-hand controls. I prefer moving with one hand and performa actions with the other. However, it did not really get in the way. Really good game!

Have you found something that needs water to function already?

Nice game, difficulty curve seemed very steap at first but when you figure it out it's perfectly do-able. The fast pace of the game actually fits nicely I think, after a frustrating first moments ;-) Nice basis for more!

go to the LD51 submission page

Really cool and original concept. Controls work flawlessly as well. The double chainsaw level is just too hard for me. But really good game

Looks nice, love the tune, plays a bit slowish though. The jumping doesn't feel quite right, physics-wise.

At some point I got frustratingly stuck though and I quit. The gap seems too big to cross. Or does it really need to be pixel perfectly timed? It's the part where there's one moving red platform and the first time a ball is thrown across the gap.

Nice, really nice. Original concept, plays super fluently. Really cool! Finished on first try on normal, with 8 deaths.

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The saving/resuming is indeed quite bugged. I did resume with a lot of my progress, but I think I'm in a different spot, lots of items are back in their place again, password needs to be re-entered, all my notes are gone, assembled items are separated again, etc ... I think I can just pick up again, but I'm not sure yet and my motivation to finish it is also killed. 

Definitely something to look into, because you made such a good escape game, the bugged saving really feels like a disappointment. Feels to me that you are just saving the state of some variables and not all of them.

You have to carefully look for lines and the orientation of the colored dots. What helped me is to just trace the lines from color to color.

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Really, really good. This really hits the spot visually, sound-wise and puzzle-wise. It is indeed quite tricky, for me at least, but up until now I could (almost) finish them myself, only saw the meaning of the painting on the wall of the second room below in the comments, but probably would've figured that one out at some point. I think ;-) So, even if it seems a bit too tough for me now, it does feel realistically difficult, so again, well done!

The camera and notes features are very well executed as well. One improvement would be to be able to look at your notes, while at the same time being able to see the world, so you don't have to flick back and forth.

Edit: Completely edited this message because I got a few steps further, rendering the most of this message useless ;-)

Looks really good, physics seem a bit off (a bit slowish). How do you light the lantern on the top left of the screen? I did light the fire under the kettle, but the lantern I can't get lit.

No worries, was just reporting a bug indeed. Good first attempt on a Godot game!

Looks and sounds really nice. However, I now got 18/19 kills and am pretty sure I can't find any enemies anymore. Did it perhaps not count the one I shot before it started moving? The shooting alien on the top leftish.