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Now reached the end, I agree with iceninexp, the moth catching was a bit tedious, because you literally have to go through the whole body again, but, it was still interesting enough to see it through to the end.

I've got the feeling you guys are really on to something and if you could polish this even more and extend it even further, going through all parts of the body, performing all kinds of tasks, linked to things happening in the life of Tilda, you could make an awesome full-sized game.

Go for it! :-)

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This is an awesome game! Just played your prototype, now played this one. I absolutely love the whole concept of moving inside a body to cause certain effects, supported by actual scenes of what's happening. Also, the gameplay fits what you're trying to do, the game elements match with the effect you're trying to achieve in the body. 

The music also complements everything really nicely. I can't stop complimenting you, but the puzzle elements also are great. The disappearing platforms caused me a bit of thinking, but nothing too difficult. Also, that map, actually showing you navigating through the body, nice addition! And to top it off, the controls are really tight.

I am genuinely impressed by the originality and quality gameplay!

Oh, and from a developing perspective, also like that your prototype exactly is what it is, a prototype. The final game is really a continuation and (huge) improvement of that prototype, exactly the purpose of course, but still, nice achievement I'd say.

Takes me back to the cartoon series of my childhood a bit that was called (it was French originally): "Il était une fois... la Vie". You should Google it, it might give you some ideas if you want to extend on this concept further.

<< some spoilers below >>

I'm now in part 3, steadying the hands and I love how the whole atmosphere of the level changed (spikes gone, no alerts anymore, relaxing music) when I relaxed the first hand.

What I meant above is that I like that your mission is to focus the breathing (with an awesome puzzle!) and after you've done that, you actually use 'air platforms' to move around the level.

This plays really well! Controls are super accurate, I don't particularly like classical music, but this fits the game quite well and is not annoying. Like the concept as well! Good effort. Now gonna play the finished game :-)

So, you actually need a wallet to do anything? Because I don't have any yet, not sure if I feel like owning one ;-) Now just walking, jumping and punching around a bit. The model looks really good though! Moves perfectly. Only when starting the punching sequence my manny jumps a few pixels, making it feel like a fixed animation.

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Definitely playable now indeed. Keys respond nicely. Really love the backdrop, nice artwork there. The games does feel too basic still. I have the feeling that the jumping does require some timing here and there, but the shooting is just button mashing as soon as you land, it feels too random, you're not really able to influence that, so it feels more like luck than skill if you kill an enemy with good timing.

Pretty nice game, a bit rough around the edges still, but it looks really good in 3D, nicely done! Haven't played that much but enough for a good first impression.

One thing though: when I press 'C' I instantly go to the next level, is that on purpose or a 'dev cheat' that you forgot to comment out? ;)

Really like this! Visual style took me back to the Lemmings era instantly. Physics seem to pretty neat here. Some tips (which are also mentioned before):

  • It's hard to find the ball sometimes, maybe a blip somewhere?
  • It takes a bit too long for the ball to come to a full stop
  • Starting at level 4 the frame rate dropped for me, all the animation became jittery, still playable, but not as smooth (Playing on a 6 year old system, Windows 10, latest Chrome)
  • And, I know it's WIP, but just some simple sounds would really add a lot really fast (e.g. only when hitting and putting the ball would already go a long way)

Hey there, thanks for replying! Yeah, the rotation I understood, I just don't understand in which direction the stick boosts. What do you mean with 'dash to the up direction'? Does it dash wherever my 'front' is pointing towards? And what is my front? It might be me, but I'm still not getting it. Perhaps it would help to show in which direction the boost will be the first minutes? As a sort of tutorial?

Your stick moves wonderfully and the physics seem to be really nice, but because just can't seem to get the stick under control, I just cannot play it.

Awesome game! Well polished. I would seriously consider using the UP arrow for jumping though, makes it far more intuitive than it is now. But, really good and original concept.

You use a lot of words ;-) Good words, but just a lot of them :-P

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Beaten it in 126.1 seconds. It was actually really easy, but I wasn't very fast. Is the difficulty to do it as fast as possible? Because I felt because the pillars are responding quite fast it's really easy to put them up, but they wobble relatively long before standing still.

Nice, quite original but also quite hard. Good game though!

Nice concept, looks quite good also. Perhaps just a little bit too much luck-based to keep me interested, although I do feel the drive to do better :)

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Cool game. On my first play I encountered an annoying issue though. The meteor was bouncing almost vertically, slowly moving towards my portal, but it changed direction slightly after a few bounces and bounced towards the tower again. It went back and forth indefinitely, at least I think indefinitely, didn't watch it for too long ;-)

Edit: Ah, didn't read the instructions fully, using SPACE resolves this effect. But still, it's a bit weird.

The developer has not uploaded a game yet...

Really like the gameplay, the atmosphere and the music. However, what chased me away was the combination of what I call 'unfair dying' and having to start over pretty far back. Although I was relieved there were checkpoints, it's still a bit frustrating that they're so far apart, especially when you 'die unfairly'. But, still, quite a good game!

This was actually much better than I expected. Controls are good, gameplay is fast and fluent. Good basis for an actual game ;-)

Can't figure out the controls, seems to boost in random directions, or I'm just nog getting it. Impatient today, bailed out.

This feels like an experiment. Nonetheless, might be the start of a fun game. Some nice elements are there, good collision detection, dynamic (and nice) music and some nice looking sprites.

Awesome game! I love the clean, but still fancy, visual styling. The music was perfect, not annoying and all different tunes blend in perfectly. Gameplay was rock-solid. Really, really good game man!

Love the game at first glance. However, in the Abandoned House I couldn't get up the wall at the left of the bottom. I had the idea you might have to move the jumpy blob to it, but I couldn't pick it up with 'B', because as soon as I got close it bumped me up. Is that a bug or do I have the wrong idea?

Survived for 98 something seconds. Nice little game. Cute indeed.

Are you on something? ;-)

Not sure if you only wrote this for tablets or something, but on a PC it makes no sense at all (and makes it quite unplayable) to click on the J and A, especially because they are so far apart. Why not map keys to Jump and Attack as well? Or use left and right mouse click for that matter? Stopped playing it because of this.

You can drag your body and other things across levels. When you pickup the floating lights you can use switches to help you. You have to get your body to the other side of the level, sometimes from left to right, sometimes from the bottom to the top, preferably in one piece. The controls are a bit awkward, but it's kinda fun.

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Looks good and it seems to respond nicely, but I'm not patient enough currently to learn the controls, a bit frustrating. But seeing the comments below, it's probably me, not the game ;-)

Edit: I stand corrected, it works fine. at first I thought the only way of movement was boosting and that's really awkward ;-) After watching the movie below I saw that you can actually move with the arrows and just boost sparingly, which makes it far more enjoyable. So kudos!

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Very cool. I think the ramp up difficulty is really nice. However, it ended before it got really difficult (for me at least), which makes me think there should be more and more difficult levels. But it plays well, looks well and sounds well, good job!

Although not really a negative comment, still gave it a minus because I simply don't understand why you would want to say this. It is not a FPS game, so why expect that it would be?

Yeah I can imagine. What's frustrating is when you have to go back and forth a bit because you get the opposite arrows only a few tries in a row. But I agree, it's also part of the charm of the game.

[spoilers below]

Thanks! This helps, I was indeed figuring that I need to get all things and seeds, just wasn't sure. Have found all items except the one for the rocks, so I'll have another go probably. It's not about the goal completely, the experience itself is also nice! I did read the note that mentioned how to make crossings indeed. Also found out the teleport option.

Very nice experience and a nice concept. Slight spoiler if you read further as a player.

However, how do you know you're done? Is it a matter of having used all open ends and crossings? And how can I get through the layer of rock surrounding the chest?

Awesome game man! Can't say much more. It's pyxel perfect! It has stealth, nice fluent gameplay, cool music, good sound effects, some adventure style searching. Really, really good!

Really nice game. Looks really well polished and I like the concept. Do feel like the randomness of the cards is making it too ... well... random sometimes. Hinders progress because it seems purely based on luck. Or, I just don't see the logic fully yet ;-)

Ok, here a bunch of feedback after my second playthrough:

  • Using CTRL for the shield is unhandy. I use ASDW for movement and it's now really easy to accidentally press CTRL+W and close the window. So it's actually now my 3rd playthrough ;-)
  • The texture of the tiles in the rooms outside the maze is very uneasy to the eye when moving, because the tiles are so small you get that wobbly texture moving effect.
  • The music quite loud when comparing it to the sound effects, haven't looked for volume controls yet, so maybe I missed those
  • Because the laser is endless and the robots only respond when you're close it's very easy to take them out when they are still idle, perhaps they should wake up when hit as well? Moving robots would increase difficulty even further
  • Nice touch btw that your shield also blocks your own laser
  • Like that you made the maze in a way that you never have to backtrack superfar, that would be annoying
  • One tiny visual bug. When the laser fades out it moves together with you in its original length, it becomes static
  • The music is quite heavy (and repetitive) for normal 'walking around' gameplay. I would use the standard tune for boss fights and use a more laidback tune for walking around
  • Also, the opponents (incl bosses) are way too easy, but you probably didn't have more time to make them more challenging?
  • When firing your laser (almost) straight ahead, there are no sparkles
  • I won! But I didn't see the final boss explode, kinda frustrating, haha :-D

But, all in all, really like the game. It has a crispy look, plays really fluently, but, to make it into a really interesting game, I would make the enemies more varied, moving and more intelligent and I would also avoid similar challenges. There are now two big mazes which feels a bit boring in the second one.

But, really good! 

You don't have to apologise, it's just feedback :-) My main issue with the sound was hearing it when far away indeed, but I can fully understand you had no time to let the volume of sound effects respect distance.

Ah cool, it was not so much about the difficulty, but that I had to go back because the door behind the boss did not open. So I was a bit frustrated. Now that you told me it's a bug it's fine. Playing again now.

There already is a random key press cooldown, which is hardcore ... and sucks ;)

Ohh noo, you're not getting off that easy ;) Hardcore is fine, as long as the game works flawlessly. On my PC it responds much better btw, but still, there are timing glitches there. Hardcore games should be done by hardcore developers producing hardcore performant code. Go fix it ;P

Could be my laptop, but the game does not respond fast to keypresses which is killing for timing-based games like this.

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I like the game, and love the blue sparkle laser. But, I now went through the maze twice. Once to end up at the other end and being blocked by a door with a key I don't have yet. Now I'm back at the start (or not?) and are blocked by two doors with a key. I don't feel like going through the huge maze again. I would definitely change that or provide come directional hints, because now it's just frustrating.

Also, I triggered a robot behind a door which started firing and now I hear him firing constantly, even when going far away from it. Really annoying :-)