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Ah, right, wouldn't it be better to just make all items you pick up part of your equipment? Or is choosing your item a deliberate part of the experience?

Pretty cool game! Visual style is nice, gameplay and responsiveness are smooth. Nicely done!

Have a question as well. I picked up the boomerang and after that I bought the feather. Is there no way to switch them? I'd like to use the boomerang now and then as well, for a boss for instance.

Pretty cool! A bit short and perhaps a bit too easy. What would be awesome is if there would be more of a puzzle element, just get some hints and figure out what you need to do yourself, perhaps combined with some stealth capabilities. Looks really cool!


Yeah that's what I'm doing, but it still feels like I'm not really getting further.

Feels quite unbalanced though, at some point I get totally swamped, roughly at the same time. Am I just making the wrong choices, missing some features or does it need quite some rounds of grinding before being able to progress?

This is pretty nice indeed! Do think the movement is too slow to my liking, however, you do get used to it, so I'm in two minds about it.

Ugh, always hate it when your progress gets erased because of a new version ... good that you keep updating it though

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Ahh my bad, I was expecting you could activate the Skip / Next with 1 and 2 because they are numbered, never came to my mind to click on them. Also wasn't clear to me you actually have to click on the gift. I was expecting having to walk towards it and then use an action button or something. So it's partly me being silly, but I think the explanation could be more clear as well.

Lovely game! A tad too easy perhaps, but really enjoyable

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Got the same bug as Eitamnetal. After a few hits with the pillars (and from me) the snowman seems to lose track of where the pillars are and just keeps digging towards a corner. Almost endlessly, then he pops out again, firing a few rounds, before going in the same loop again.

Edit: I think I know what's happening. When the snowman starts digging, he selects a pillar to go to. If that pillar is up at the moment, he will go into that loop. He will get out of the loop when you lower the pillar he selected. Then hopefully he selects a pillar that is down and works as he should.

Don't think the controls respond. I could start the game with a mouse click from the intro screen, but after that nothing works. Cannot skip the conversation, cannot move my player, nothing ... playing on Windows 11, Chrome, tried to click in and out of the window a few times, did not work.

At first a bit frustrating, but it was fun to find out the pattern indeed, made it a lot easier :-)

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Very nice, tight gameplay, nice challenges. Getting annoyed by the slime boss currently, the rest was quite ok'ish so far.

Edit: Ok made it through all of them. For me, the slime was most tricky :)

Ah, right, so you can only attack after you succesfully blocked? Clear ... 

I don't get it ... how can I attack? I can only block?

Nice concept, couldn't try it out fully though because it's a bit clunky, and whenever I obtain a limb it's size is HUGE, completely blocking my view. Quite a fundamental bug because it makes the game pretty much unplayable.

This doesn't really work ;-) Other side of the screen was also blocked.

I don't see why devs who publish demos / early versions / experiments here should publish the full version here as well. Perhaps they just want some feedback from people here and they just like publishing it to the bigger platforms better. If you don't like Steam or Epic, then, well, bad luck.

So I don't see this is as "however", it's just a matter of choice, as it's matter of choice where you get your games from.

After playing it some more I do think the randomness might be a bigger issue than I first said. It's kinda frustrating that as soon as a bird has spotted you there's virtually no chance you can dodge it.

Also, not being able to see when you will change color makes it completely unpredictable. Maybe, in addition to my previous ideas:

  • Adding a short indication that a color change is about to happen so you can anticipate, if you're quick
  • Make the steering of the birds slightly less direct, so you have a bit more chance to dodge them

Really nice game, looks really polished and professional. The whole backstory with the voice acting, the gameplay, the cute characters. Also, being able to control your chameleon while the story is being told is a nice touch. All in all, really professional and well-made!

I do have a few suggestions. I know it's the nature of the game and of UCD, but the random color changes feel really unfair, it makes the game almost purely luck-based. Especially when hiding in a bush and your color shifts when there's a predator near, you can't really do anything to avoid getting pecked. It's a bit of a weird thing to change, because why would a disease suddenly stop while hiding in a bush, but still ... perhaps the option to dash (with a cooldown) could help?

And, please make the score counting skippable, it's pretty annoying to have to wait for it when you're eager to play another round.

Weird, but awesome, bruh

Nice short experience. The whole atmosphere, the music, the fog, the sound effects, quite a scary experience.

Nice little game :-) I have the feeling picking stuff up is a bit finicky though. Sometimes it doesn't respond to my mouse click.

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Ok, finished it, if you just go for the key first, before there are many enemies, it's quite easy. But the balancing still feels off.

Nice game basis, however, you get swamped by enemies too quickly, without a way of freeing yourself from the herd. Your firerate is too low to keep up and you cannot jump over them. For instance, when you are getting the key, it's virtually impossible to free yourself from that (dead end) room.

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Seems better, but I just don't get it ... sorry ... but maybe it's just me, other people seem to understand.

Ah, yeah, I thought the Star Shot didn't make that much of a difference, but perhaps I'm underestimating it ;-) Not sure if balancing is needed or that I just suck though ;-)

Just a quick suggestion, I always find it a bit weird to play a game where the mouse cursor is followed 1-on-1, but perhaps that's  just a personal preference.

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Edit: Oh, after a refresh it does work now.

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Pfffff, that boss is just flatout annoying. I feel it's mostly about luck and not skill, although I might be lacking some skill. That energy ball right at the entrance is really a cheap shot.

Edit: Ok I'm giving up after trying it for like 30 times, it's just too hard for me.

Really, really cool! Plays like a charm, is an original take on the genre and it just sounds and looks awesome! Wishlisted :-) Liked the slime blocks btw, hope there will be more surprises like that!

Really, really good game! Fluent experience, nice sounds, good visuals, even in this short demo I already felt eager to go further and upgrade my player more, nice!

Really nice! Surprisingly (and annoyingly) difficult at times. Completely underestimated this ;-)

This new version actually introduced some weird stuff:

  • Sometimes a whole bunch of slimes spawn inside another group, as if they are multiplying (happened in previous version also)
  • I also sometimes saw them just disappear, but maybe the were overlapping or something (noticed in this version)
  • Sometimes there were overlapping slimes, making a really loud sound as they were all killed at the same time
  • Framerate dropped dramatically at some point (noticed in this version first, maybe because of the next point).
  • New in this version: Sometimes slimes lose track of me and are focusing on one specific seemingly random point. It seemed like they were tracking my position at the moment when they spawned, not following my new position.
  • Because of the previous point, I killed less, more slimes spawned and thus the framerate dropped.
  • Also experienced some freezes (1 - 2 seconds), not sure about the conditions anymore.
  • Didn't notice the collider issue anymore, but also couldn't remember where the exact spot was.

Really nice! This looks really polished and plays fluently. Cool! I do think it's a bit boring because of the lack of variation (in enemies and powerups), there's no incentive for breaking my pattern of circling around the mob.

But, if you intend to extend further upon this you have a really, really solid base game!

Did encounter one 'bug'. I wanted to go between the rock and tree to the right'ish, but I couldn't, so I died :-/ Maybe I didn't see an obstacle, but it really looks like a clear path.

Yeah, can totally understand you can't finetune much in just a few days. For the short time it took it's an impressively fluent experience. But, the attacking could definitely need some tutorial for instance.

But, well done!

But, apart from that, it looks great and promising! I am curious to move on, but just can't currently. Accidentally killed the first enemy, but after that failing again and again.

Controls are far from intuitive to be honest. I'm playing on PC, swiping with the mouse to move is clear, but it's totally unclear what I need to do when attacking. Do I need to time it when I am hitting an enemy? Do I need to click as fast as possible when the red symbol appears? This really needs some more explanation.

Pretty good!