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Butler slow upload speeds

A topic by jujaswe created 9 days ago Views: 38 Replies: 3
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I'm using Butler for the very first time. This is my first push and I read that it would take a while. But it seems Butler isn't using my entire bandwidth. I'm only seeing around 120 Kbps, but my regular upload speeds should be around 2 Mbps (more or less x20). I also did speed tests and it should really be higher than what I'm currently seeing in Butler.

Is this normal for a 1st push? Can I do something about it? 


It's not normal. Where in the world are you? Is your CPU at 100% as you're pushing? Uploads go directly to Google's cloud infrastructure so they should generally be pretty fast.

I'm in the Philippines (south east asia). It's not 100% usage. Also closed any application that could be hogging it. Still no good


If you can, I'd recommend trying to find out what server butler is connecting to when pushing a build - I wouldn't be surprised if it's a server in the USA, which would explain the subpar upload speeds. I don't think there's much we can do about that in the short term, sorry :(