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I'm so excited!

A topic by kombuchas created Oct 15, 2021 Views: 523 Replies: 5
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RE:H gave me a mini existential crisis last time I played. 20/10, can't wait to experience that again <3


me too! i've been following argent games hoping for a new game to come out. I cant wait to play  this


i lost all of my save data for RE:H so I'mn just ready to get my shit rocked by this new one


When does this game come out? :sob:


I hope that this tome they give us a happy ending...whit nobody going mad, ir running away...a girl can dream.


Same on the crisis thing LOL. At first I felt meh after playing the full game, then I felt kinda annoyed a day later, then a few days later I absolutely loved it and could not stop thinking about it.