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Omg I love this game so much! So excited for the update

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Does this game have a demo? And will this be on sale again around Christmas? 🥺

I'm so keen to play this! I'll be playing M!Palmer 😏

Any chance there will be an option for male protagonist as well? :)

Has the price been announced at all? 

Oh my gosh! I had no idea <3 like everyone's saying please take care of yourself :) I'll be here when it's ready

Okay! Thank you, looking forward to it

Only on steam and not on at all? 

Hey! I just wanted to see if the game's release is still on schedule for September :)

Hey! That was fun, thanks for sharing :) I got 3 stars on the first 2 levels then 2 stars on the final ;( lol

Hi, is the demo still available? The links aren't working for me

How do I download the demo?

Posted a comment on here a year ago :( so sad we haven't gotten an update at all on itch to let us know what's going on... Hoping the author surprises us, but highly unlikely I know...

Is the demo still available?

Ahh! Amazing!! Looking forward to the next chappie :)

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I love love love this! So different and kind of spooky!

SPoILER >>>>> SPoILER >>>>> sPoILER

I'm getting bad vibes from "daddy" lol. Ahh! And I'm so torn between Grayson and Alex. Can MC have both? :eyes:

I can't seem to download the demo?

Hi, will there be an option to make the MC male or female in the full release at all?

Vincent <3 that is all. Lol no, I really love it so far :o and what an ending! I can't wait for chapter 3. This is one of my favourite IF games! 

I really love this! I feel so bad for MC. I hope he can tell Barrett what life was like at 'home' and get revenge one day! Looking forward to more! <3

I love chapter 2! This is one of my favourite VN's. I feel bad for asking when chapter 3 will be out lol. Teo is trouble! (and I'm all for it >:) ) I appreciate all the work you put into this game.
Looking forward to more!

Hello! I'm getting an error in Arthur's route too, along with this one.

Thanks! :)

Is there a demo at all? :)

I really can't wait to play this game in full. Will non backers be able to play the first week at some point?

Hey! Is this game still being developed? :)


I can't believe we have to wait until 2025 to play the full game :sob: I enjoyed the demo, it gives me WTNC vibes, but darker! Which I love!! I hope I'll be here to play the full game :')

I can't wait to replay this!

I feel stupid, but I extracted the zip folder and I don't know how to start the game lol

I like the first idea! I'm a sucker for bodyguard x celebrity thing. Just my 2 cents, but I think it'd be even more interesting if you added another LI that's pretty much his biggest fan/stalker lol

Yeah, that's the worst part (besides the actual game being dropped) is the silence from the authors. I'm not asking for an in depth reason why the project's being discontinued, but at least tell people who are eagerly awaiting an update that it's never coming lol

Can you play as male or female?

Wow! I didn't know what to expect, but that was so fun! The MC's constant shrieking made me laugh! Is there a release date at all? :)

I really ended up liking Palmier as a surname :) but this is a great addition

And one more question, sorry. Do you know how many chapters there will be? :)

Is this game dead? Please respond

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Also, I was going to ask is there a road map for this game? Like, are you aiming to release a chapter every 1-2 months or it just happens when it happens? :) thanks

Ahh! This is so good, I'm not usually drawn to fantasy but this has me hooked! I'm so looking forward to the next update!!