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I really like the game. Very cute, the only things i would add are maybe a short tutorial option. 

I love this game so much! I found it by accident and very happy i did. One thing that can get irksome in VNs is the constant need to save "just in case" but the time loop made it was so smooth. 

Don't even get me started on the artwork! Honestly some of the scenes I just stopped playing for a minute to appreciate it. 

100% Recommend and i look forward to seeing new games!

if you put everything in the right order it will go to the next scene.

me too! i've been following argent games hoping for a new game to come out. I cant wait to play  this

this has long since been abandoned unfortunately. there have been no updated on even their twitter since 2017

This is such a cute story. I'm so glad i downloaded it! <3

Honestly, this does come off as a bit of a rude response. I've played plenty of games on that provided steam keys when downloading. A nicer response would have been something along the lines of I am a new developer it is more difficult for me starting off. Especially considering the fact that i'm asking since your game will not open even though i paid on :)

Why is steam key not provided with purchase?

i will definitely try this. thank you!

initially when I tried to download it from my phone filea said no apps to open file. Then I tried through chrome.  

I have indeed. I didn't have this much of an issue. I tried all of the options and it's still not letting me. 

. >_< and I have a a  Samsung note 10+ android 9.  And it's gets almost to the end and just stops.

So i was super excited about this game after i played the demo on google. I choose downloading here so I can can enjoy it on the go as well as at home. However, everytime I try to install the game with both/either android links. It starts and then just stops saying app not installed? Am I missing a step? Help would be greatly appreciated.