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Does the itch app appropriately handle "other" files?

A topic by Killer Bee Software created Dec 04, 2017 Views: 120 Replies: 3
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I have downloads available for owners as zips, and these were marked as "other" files. In this thread,

I have a customer reporting that using the app he cannot download these files.  Is this expected behavior for the app?


The app can download files that aren't labeled for a platform, and trying to run them will instead open a directory. The only issue right now is that the app is built around the idea that it only "installs" one file per game. So you may run into some trouble if you have a game combined with some extras. The next version of the app should hopefully make this better, but in the meantime you'll have to direct people to open their download page in their browser to be able to download everything.

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Hey there,

As far as I can see, all you need to do is, in edit game page: 

  • Empire Deluxe Linux 32/64 - change from 'Other' to 'Executable, check the 'Linux' checkbox
  • Empire Deluxe OSX Universal - change from 'Other' to 'Executable, check the 'OSX' checkbox
  • Empire Deluxe Win 32 - change from 'Other' to 'Executable, check the 'Windows' checkbox
  • Empire Deluxe Win 64 - change from 'Other' to 'Executable, check the 'Windows' checkbox
  • Delete the others (the 'Itch app' ones), they weren't needed in the first place

I think that's what the user was trying to say to you in the first place (and with much capital letters usage).

The "Other" upload type is for things that are *not* your game (and are not Soundtracks, Books, Videos, etc. - those all have their own update type).

So you really want the "Executable" type, even though you're uploading a zip - that's ok.

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Thanks, the "itch" ones I made yesterday as I was trying to conform to what you had posted about  how the file structure should be set up. and I was trying to get it out to him.  

Anyway, thanks. having just launched I had not thought about the app as everyone is pulling it from their keys. I will straighten out, Thanks again  guys.