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MEMO just landed on

A topic by RETREAM created Nov 24, 2017 Views: 165 Replies: 4
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A new version of the Amiga game MEMO has just been released and, with the occasion, a page for it has been created here on

MEMO is a card memory game with twists: it allows two players to play it simultaneously and neutralizes lucky/unlucky attempts ;)

If you have an Amiga (emulator) up and running, just grab it (it's free) and have fun!


  • made music stop during pause;
  • removed debugging leftover that printed a row of pixels at the top left of the pause screen;
  • fixed right side of the "DIGGERS" card (the rightmost column of pixels was black);
  • touched up playback volume of two samples in the in-game music;
  • touched up "about" screen; * recompiled against updated custom framework.

Looks great, glad to see games for classic consoles uploaded

Glad you appreciate it :)

At the moment I'm working on another Amiga game...

... and another C64 game...

... if/when I finish them, they'll get their page as well ;)

Wow!  This is great to see!!!

Thank you!