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Exceptions after release

A topic by Patico created Nov 24, 2017 Views: 205 Replies: 3
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Hi guys,

I'm wondering, how do you handle unexpected exceptions and crashes after game launched/released? How do you getting know if your game works fine or not on the player's side, especially when you release on few platforms?
Is there any best practices or solutions to catch exceptions after release?


I know there are tools that allow you to track errors and report them back to a server where you can review them. The tools change depending on what engine or language you are using. For example, for JavaScript apps, I've used with success.

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You can go as simple as setting up a Google Form for bug reporting and feedback, and even implement a link in your game's menu to this. This will then put the feedback into a convenient spreadsheet for you.


They way I would do it, is to make the game open from a launcher. When the game opens, the launcher just hides itself.

And it would track the status of the game executable. If it detects a crash, ask the user if they'd like to submit the crash report (the output stack from the game and the machine details), and encourage them to add steps to reproduction if they can, or comments in general.