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Jobs frame widget images in high res

A topic by Jack Le Hamster created Nov 22, 2017 Views: 124 Replies: 6
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I'm  using the iFrame widget to include my games on other website, but the image isn't high res. For an image to look pixel perfect on the Macbook with Retina Display, the image resolution has to be double its displayed width and height.

For ex, an image displayed at 180x143px needs to be originally 360x286px or more.

See the following on a retina Macbook:

Is there a way to get the high res display in the iFrame widget?



good call, we can add a srcset attribute to the image to have a high density version available


Alright, it's there now, tell me if you have any issues.

Thank you! Wow it does look better now. So now all widgets will have retina images by default?


Both sizes are included in the markup and the browser will choose the correct image automatically.

Brilliant! Thank you!

Hi Leafo,

I also just noticed that on the game page (where you can download the game), the screenshot thumbnails are also not displayed at retina resolution. (The image size is the same as the size it's displayed). Like on this page.

Could we also have the screenshot thumbnails displayed as retina on the game page?