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Development progress (halted) Sticky

A topic by Kenney created Feb 16, 2016 Views: 7,996 Replies: 24
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Here I'll be posting updates regarding the development of GameGO. You can request new features in the request thread.

Features in development/planned:

  • Configuration: Horizontal moving (next row, stay on same row)
  • Configuration: Show title on tile
  • Configuration: Display game tags
  • Configuration: Gamepad symbol on­screen
  • Configuration: Color theme
  • Configuration: Start windowed
  • Ability to apply tags (finished, new, gamepad support) to games
  • Display amount of connected gamepads
  • Display (custom) mouse cursor
  • Order games by name and last played
  • Record the gameplay time for each game
  • Game overlay (similar to Steam™)
  • Hide/show mouse cursor based on cooldown/movement
  • Mouse controls for GameGO
  • Built-in support for Xbox 360™-, Xbox One- and Steam™ controller
  • Steam™: Auto importer
  • Steam™: Auto start client when not active
  • Drag 'n drop shortcut (.lnk) on GameGO to add
  • Automatic icon/banner finder
  • Social: In-game chat with people playing the same game
  • Social: Screenshots
  • Social: Friendslist
  • Ability to open webpages full screen
  • Improve gamepad support
  • Interactive tiles can change their own properties (title, executable, parameters)
  • Optional properties pane with additional fields
  • Alternative boot mode (extra executable/properties field)
  • Optimize background image(s)
  • Integration with freeware game portals ( free games, abandonware, etc.)
  • Search function
  • Add (optional) text to tiles

Currently working on default control support for the Xbox 360 controller and adding mouse support, this will open the option for in-engine configuration (which will then make it possible to add Steam auto import etc.).

Sounds good, i'm looking forward to the mouse support :D


I've gotten quite a few suggestions (and complaints...) that GameGO isn't open source. It was made using Adobe AIR and creating an open source version wouldn't really bring any good other than more complexity. So I've decided to start recreating the software in HTML5 (using NW.js for distribution). This means a few things:

  • All new features halted until the HTML5 version is up to par with the previous Adobe AIR version.
  • Thanks to common libraries support for multiple gamepads and more image/video formats can be easily added.
  • There will be no changes to the config.ini and games.xml files, so you can copy those over from your Adobe AIR version.
  • After v1.0 of the HTML5 version is released it'll be open source and everyone is welcome to add features.

Currently the HTML5 version has basic abilities (game grid, launching games, backgrounds and tabs) but still finetuning a couple of things. It should arrive within a week or two.

Very good to hear, keep it up


Sounds good! Hopefully I can contribute on the open source version of this app :


How is the update coming along? Looking forward to it :)

has there been any progress?

Hey Kenney, have you had any time on this recently? I assume as you're building the new version in HTML, it should run on/port to Mac easily too? Apart from Steam, there really isn't any game launcher for Mac as simple and good looking as this!


Yeah the HTML version is still in production although I didn't have a lot of time to work on it recently. It'll come with an OSX version out of the box, but it's plain and simple HTML (with a bit of Node.js) so it should be easy to port to any platform.

Sweeet, I assume you have no date for when an alpa/beta will be out?

Any update on this? Still hoping for a new release. This would have been the perfect game launcher for me if it weren't for the backward up/down movement on my Xbox controller. If anyone is still here, is there a way to swap the vertical movement or do I have to wait for an update?

You can edit the config.ini file to edit the control mapping for the controller.

Yes I know that. How would you reverse the horizontal direction? If this isn't possible how would I map the movement to the d-pad on a controller?

Ah I don't know sorry :(

Just hoping he releases the HTML version soon. This is my fav launcher by far.

Same here. The minimal design and simple controls makes it fantastic. There's really no alternative for a console-like interface besides steam big picture mode. Right now I'm forced to use big picture mode since the development on GameGO has halted.


Relax guys, still planning to get back to this soon - finishing up another project of mine currently. The HTML5 version was about 50% done last time I worked on it.

Deleted 5 years ago

Any progress on this mate?

Would love the see the HTML version and customise it.

I just want square tiles :(

I've came up with a workaround for the problem I've had. Go into GameGo's config and disable all the controller input. Then using a controller mapping tool such as Xpadder, map the buttons to the desire function for GameGo. This fixed the backward vertical controls for me.

Any progress or updates?

Hi @Kenney, have you done with other projects? (like The Night's Willow if I spelled it correctly, as seen on your Twitter) How was the HTML5 version of GameGO progresses?

I'm downloading GameGO (1.0) right now, but it may take a hour or two due to my Internet connection has reaches its limits.

Are you still working on this or is it abandoned?

Most likely abandoned. Which is a shame as it was the best alternative for a Steam Big Picture Mode layout.

is there any video por watch how it work?

for games where you are playing with any kind of stats hero editor or something similer and easy to use