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I released a demo quite a while ago for my current project, Balls n' Stars 2! Here's how the game works, try to collect all the stars using the on-screen ball within a set number of moves. Strategically aim and charge the ball to launch it, don't let it fall off the stage.

Download the demo here and let me know what you think of it: Balls n' Stars 2 by SONAR Games (

ANOTHER UPDATE: Version 1.2.2 to fix another bug that disabled the pause menu when playing on keyboard

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UPDATE: Updated to 1.2.1 to fix the bug where ice blocks are no longer breakable with the fireball.

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Round Rotate is a puzzle platformer focuses on switching the world's gravity, originally made in 2016. This year marks the game's 5th anniversary with a sequel coming soon.

The main emphasis of this game is all about the cuteness of the ball designs (with some cameos), a little bit of humor, "interesting" world designs and of course, switching gravity around.

I hope y'all interested with my game, here is the link to the page:

And of course, I'm currently working (slowly) on the sequel. I'll do the best that I can.

Wow, this is fun! Good work, Kenney!

Sorry, I forgot about that.

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Hello, I've finished and released this game for long now. But now, I'll show this game to the community.

Balls 'n' Stars is a game where you launch the ball to smash all the stars in the stage. This game includes 5 different worlds with their own gimmicks, which 10 stages each. You can choose one of 16 different ball designs right from the Island Selection screen.

There's also some mini-games that you can try to play with up to 3 friends locally. (Online is not planned, sorry...)


I'm presenting to you, Color Scape!

Color Scape is a game where you guide the Paintlings to the goal by using physical objects. Uncolored (white) objects are not affected by gravity, so you need to paint them to make them interact with the gravity back. Game Jolt

The Android version should follow late this month or next month...

Hi @Kenney, have you done with other projects? (like The Night's Willow if I spelled it correctly, as seen on your Twitter) How was the HTML5 version of GameGO progresses?

I'm downloading GameGO (1.0) right now, but it may take a hour or two due to my Internet connection has reaches its limits.